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    Here's another one that was discussed before. I need to rent a sat phone to use on the north side of the Brooks range. I know there was somewhere down south that people were renting them and having them shipped up, does anyone know what company that was. Is there anywhere in Fairbanks that rents them. Thanks

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    Phones in Fairbanks

    The Surveyors Exchange is about the best place I've found to rent them in Fairbanks (452-6079).

    Good luck,


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      sat phone

      Cant remember the name but it was in ancorage. Look on internet
      they charged 75 per wk


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        Surveyors exchange

        Got mine in ANC for my bear trip and it worked pretty good. Got to get the iridium one though as the globastar doesn't have good singnal past ANC I've heard.
        You actually pay more for the ones you get shipped up here I looked into them pretty good.


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          Satellite Phone

          I've used GMPCS in the past. Here's their website


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            Haven't used this company before, I have a rental set up for September. They ship anywhere fed ex and give you the shipping days plus one for free. Only $35.00 per week. If anyone has used them could you reply back to let us know how their service was.


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              All Roads Communication

              $34.99 per week for Iridium phone and 2 batteries

              You buy your phone minutes in "bundles" 75 min. bundles is $1.48 per minute, the more minutes, the less the minute charge.

              For an addtional $10.00 extra, you can "lock" in your rate for minutes that you might go over if you go over your bundle amount.

              They ship direct to you via Fed Ex, you get 3 days upon your return to send them the phone.

              (888) 884-7623

              Have rented from them before and had great service. Have a phone reserved with them for my July sheep hunt too.


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                Try Eagle Enterprises, they are by the river boat Discovery at the airport.


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                  Isn't it 34.95 a week plus $50 for the fed ex shipping? That's what I read in the fine print of the ones i was looking at. Just wondering.


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                    "Isn't it 34.95 a week plus $50 for the fed ex shipping? That's what I read in the fine print of the ones i was looking at. Just wondering."
                    Yes, the price is 34.95 per week but the shipping is $14.00 if you select the 3 -5 delivery. They told me that the time that the phone takes to ship are free plus one additional day to get familiar with the phone. The overnight shipping is where it gets expensive. They also allow 3 days free for the return shipping.


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