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  • head or horn mount - Moose

    Is it really worth the $, time, etc to mount a moose head vs a horn mount? Considering that I only have 8 foot ceilings in my house. Any thoughts?

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    either or will do. Space like you said is a big thing. If you tend to move in the near furture go with the head. We are looking into buying a new house and one thing I''m looking for in the house is cathidal cellings.
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      Look into doing a European mount, I have a buddy that has a 65 incher done in European style and it's one of the most beautiful mounts i have ever seen. If i ever get lucky enough to shoot one that big thats what I plan on doing.


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        Re: Mount

        How big is it?

        If you plan on doing much more moose hunting that is what I would base my decision on. If you feel it is the biggest one you ever expect to shoot I would say go for the head mount.

        I have shot a couple smaller bulls over the years and I decided a long time ago I would wait until I shot a 60in min before a full head mount.

        I just did a rack mount with the one I put on my wall.



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          Shoulder mount!

          In my opinion, a beautifuly done moose shoulder mount is one of the most magnificent mounts I've ever seen. Granted, they are huge and take up tons of space, but if you've got the coin, and shoot a bull worthy of the shoulder mount, I'd have no second thoughts. They are something that many people just don't have (and for many reasons, cost, space, etc..) If you get a true shoulder mount it really shows the magnificent size of the critter you harvested and how grand they really are.

          I like rack and euros too, but nothing screams AK hunting more than a gigantic shoulder mount sticking out half way into your living room!


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            I have both and with an eight foot wall the moose's nose on a head mount is going to be around your belly button. The horns or as AKhunter45 suggested european mount would probably be your best bet. But then again as dwhunter said how big is it? If it is a once in a lifetime moose you may want to look at it eye to eye for a few years till you get a better place to hang it.
            The sapce you have has a lot to do with it.
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              Another option

              If $$$s are a factor you could always have the cape tanned, hang your horns for now and get the head mounted down the road.


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                Take up a lot of space in a normal house!

                The biggest moose that I have shot was a 63" I had the horns wrapped in leather and a plack made. My wife about had a coniption fit when I told her this thing was going to stick 6+ feet off the wall and be mounted like 3 feet off the ground, it just wasnt going to work in my house. If you've got the house to do it up high I would. My moose currently lives in the basement!


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                  My European Mount

                  I also have a standard ceiling at my current residence. I elected to get a european mount now, and when we build the larger place in 3 or 4 years, purchase a cape and have a full shoulder mount done at that time.

                  The rack is just shy of 62" wide. It sticks out from the wall 24" and is 54" from the top of the rack to the bottom of the mounting panel.
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                    Buy Removable Antlers

                    A word of caution if you go with the shoulder mount. Have the taxidermist make the antlers removable. I know a guy who ordered a shoulder mount with non-removeable antlers that he had a hard time loading into his bronco and then he could not get the mount into his house. In addition to the 60 in rack that was tall, the nose on a moose shoulder mount is very long. Getting it through a standard door can be a real problem.


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                      I prefer the horn mounts

                      Unless you're house is mansion sized, I think the horn mounts are preferable IMO. Shoulder mounts are good for lobbies of lodges and big hotels, but too big for average houses. Your money and your house though.


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                        just horns

                        Full head mounts are to big .I wish I mine was a European mount but I still think it looks great.

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                          Bernie 1

                          Now thats a nice bull!! Congrats!! I have to ask, what happened on that hunt to put you in the hospital??


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                            moose hunt


                            Iíll PM you later on the details if you like, But all the planning in the world canít help when on your second shot on the bull at 40yards your composite rifle stock snaps in half and comes back and hits you in the face. I was blessed that we had a sat. phone.


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                              I think I heard something about that, did your partner get left behind to take out the moose? Could be a different guy maybe.


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