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    I had a grizzly and two 2 1/2 year old cubs come into my bait last night. I thought a grizzly had found my bait because the night before the area around the bait was all dug up. The bears did not want to leave the area. I yelled at them and even fired my 44 once in the air. After I fired they moved off a little but I could still hear them about 75 to 100 yards away for the next 15 minutes. I have heard different opinions on if you should still hunt a bait station after grizzlies find it. What have other peoples experiences been?

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    I would like to hear others take on this as well. Here is my experience (very little that is): I had a nice blackie coming in a couple times after I first put it out. About 10-13 days after, I had a griz come in and tear my barrel apart and rip it from the tree (5000# cargo strapped to tree). I picked up the pieces, rebated, and continued hunting it. The day before season's end, I went to pull everything up and count my losses till next time. Of course, the blackie was back the day before (when I wasnt there of course). It seemed to me thta the black bear kept his distance until he knew the griz wasnt coming back. I never saw any more sign of the griz's return. So, how to read the events, I dont know. Thats just what happened for me. Yes, the blackie came back after the griz hit it, but it took a week or so, and the griz didnt homestead either.


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      Well myself I never had a brownie hang around a pile of donuts. While other guys in the same area can't keep them off of the dog food, hog food or grain that they bait with. I think they are NOT as much into a jelly donut as a moose calf. Plus I think it adds taste to the roast of a sweet baited blacky. That is just my thought to your problem. What are you baiting with? Another thing I have found is that I build cubbies for some reason they just are not as destuctive to something natual as to something that isn't.
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