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  • Tell me i'm not alone...

    but this is one of the most revolting concepts i have ever seen...even SCI is going to come out against it...
    Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"

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    Yep that is what hunting is to me! Like he said, The biggest conquest. hunting, or in this case, non-leathal hunting makes me feel superior. I hunt for hot blonds, fast cars, big houses and MONEY. Give me a break, this is like WWE wrestling but only hunting.
    Sad thing is, this show will probably take off like gangbusters.


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      You must be kidding

      I have to agree with you Dave, this is a sad day. They say that part of their mission is to promote and grow hunting, I think it will have the opposite effect.


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        There are so many things wrong with that type of competition I don't know where to begin. It's probably funded by PETA or someother bunny hugger group to give them more fuel for their anti-hunting campaigns, or is that just my inner conspiracy theorist being over paranoid.


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          Even hunting is being prostituted these days for the almighty dollar. Just another spin to make some money and devalue the whole experience that most hunters like us on this site see as a heritage and part of what makes us tick. It started years ago with darting rhino's in Africa. You can still do this for 7K, have your picture taken with the animal and you can even pet its horn. Not my kind of hunting!

          Since they are promoting non-lethal hunting, my challenge is for the '07 season to take place on the Alaska Peninsula during the fall brown bear hunt. Each big name, big money hunter would be given one non-lethal dart to down a trophy brownie. Perhaps the Board of Game will even remove the guide requirement for this type of hunt. It would certainly be more challenging and there'd be no need for a back up or Plan B. Ideally the hunter would sneak up within 15 yds. to deliver a well-placed dart, and put Mr. Chocolate down for a nap. With all the movie cameras rolling, I bet the "Commissioner" of WHA could get all the action he could handle with footage like this. Images of Timothy Treadwell come to mind. Perhaps I'm missing something since I'm not going to sign up for this, but this isn't my kind of conservation. Eat moose-wear wolf!


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            More harm than good

            AKbones I have to agree with you, more harm than good.



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              You're not alone

              Have any of you guys seen the ESPN article on it?

              Farbman says he is currently in negotiation with television networks who might be interested in broadcasting the competition. The first of two 16-day tournaments scheduled for this season is tentatively set for the beginning of October in Gladwin, Mich., at Lost Arrow Ranch."

              "The World Hunting Association is off to a good start from a business standpoint, as it has secured sponsorships with, among others, Eastman Outdoors for its Carbon Express Arrow and Gorilla Inc. for its treestands, as well as tranquilizer-dart makers Pneu-Dart and G5 Outdoors. Much like NASCAR, the league also intends on branding the apparel of the hunters and cameramen with corporations that pay a sponsorship fee."

              Let's keep a close eye on all the sponsors so we can write and tell them how we feel about this type of thing <grin>. This is just an extension of where hunting is going in the privatized world of game farms and high-fenced hunts. They basically do the same thing now on many of the Outdoor Channel shows...only they kill the animals they "hunt" and don't call it a competition. According to the CEO,
              "We're looking all over the country for professional hunters who are strategic, intelligent and adaptive, and who ideally have been in front of the camera before."

              Ah yes, in front of the camera before. Tis sad indeed,
              Mark Richards


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                FYI- Outdoor Channel

                The Outdoor Channel will not air shows from high fence operations anymore. I would bet money on the fact they would never air this C***.



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                  wont watch

                  this will prove to be about as exciting and worth while to watch as the bass pro tours. All they will need is their big bright silly jackets and pants with 100 different sponsorship names and logos all over them. This is just another idea someone has come up with to exploit the sport and make some money.


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                    Maybe not such a bad idea...

                    If you dart them it would be easy to walk up and slit their throat. Getting more blood out means better meat. Matter of fact, there would be no bullet hole to "eat up to"! No more field hamburger!
                    Now if someone can explain what "non-lethal" part is I'll be set! j/k
                    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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                      Fyi Outdoor Channel

                      Originally posted by dwhunter
                      The Outdoor Channel will not air shows from high fence operations anymore.
                      Not sure where you heard that, Doug, but it's wrong info. A simple google search or a visit to says otherwise.

                      Check out many of the "ranches" listed where Keith "hunts" for his Outdoor Channel show. He's got everything upcoming in hunting programming from hunting exotics in Texas (I don't think they are "free ranging") to hunting monster whitetails on a game ranch. I particularly like this quote from one episode:
                      "We conclude our adventure in Northern Quebec as Keith and four of his friends have one last afternoon to go after trophy bull Caribou. Tune in to see if they can put five bulls on the ground in just a couple hours."

                      A lot of Keith Warren's shows take place on this ranch:

                      Mark Richards


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                        Asside from the whole prostituting of hunting, I find the entire non-lethal hunting reprehensible. Hunting is about killing game to eat, not some bs ego stroke. The darting of animals is very stressful to the aninmals, they can and do get injured.

                        I can't understand why a camera isn't a perfectly suitable tool for getting close to wild game that you aren't hunting. The dart gun thing makes me sick.
                        Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

                        If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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                          My understanding is that it goes into affect with next years shows, I can not say if their are exceptions for ranch size etc. Their are fenced ranches with a few hundred thousand acres down here.



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                            Disgusting is right guys. We are now living in an era where you go hunting and expect to bag a trophy sized animal, hell the guy your booking with advertises his kill % right on the web site.

                            At what point is hunting a guarantee? I remember more trips coming back empty handed then I remember bagging an animal. There is a more to a successful hunt than your kill %. The time and effort put into the outing is as much of the hunt for me as the actual kill. We are back to the issue of hunting the horn rather than hunting the animal and, WOW what a nice rack is a part of the deal.

                            I know this will make some one mad as hell but the only thing this programs needs to guarantee its success is Ted Nugent and the NRA signing on as sponsors. Now that will be a slam dunk of a program!



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                              Non lethal

                              So if their out hunting animals with darts, how do they know the right amount to use? I've seen whitetails with huge bodies but fair sized racks and small bodied ones with huge racks. And if the animal dies from the injection they won't be able to eat it so what happens then, do they even have wanton waste in the lower 48? I don't get it, what ever happened to being in the woods just for the love of being there and sharing it with friends??


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