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Generations of Grizzlies footprints

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  • Generations of Grizzlies footprints

    Picture work?
    I always think it's cool to see places where the land tells a story so I thought I'd pass this shot on.
    This is at a spot that is one of my favorites.
    It is right behind the scouting rock we use to locate the bulls and bears.
    The bear trail was discovered when I went behind the rock to get rid of some water, saw the tracks and thought it'd be a drag to have a bear come strolling along while we had our backs to this trail.
    You can see only a few imprints in this photo but it bends to the right and there are 20 or so clearly defined imprints before it fades into the tundra.
    Cool. Since the discovery of this one, I pay more attention to the ground around natural obstacles and have found a number of these trails.

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    Their larger cousins make MUCH BIGGER trails. Some are 3 feet deep on Kodiak and Unimak Islands. No Joke.
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      nice picture!

      could you give us an approximate clue as to what part of the state that is?


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        Picture location

        That was taken here on the Seward Peninsula in late August.


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          Bear Trails

          The trails I saw on the Alaska Peninsula this spring were 2 1/2 feet wide and a foot deeper than the tundra surface beside them. Its pretty cool that they use the same trails over and over.


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            I know where I'm huting this fall.................hahahaha!
            I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
            I have less friends now!!


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              Have at it MT. I should have emphasised that it is the old scouting rock.
              We have moved on to greener meadows.


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