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  • Fairbanks small game hunters

    I just relocated to the Fairbanks area and am looking to correspond with other small game hunters. I'm a ruffed grouse society member and also an avid rabbit hunter, Thanks
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    PM me to discuss

    PM me to discuss hunting in Fbnks. I have lived here a few years now and do some bird hunting in local area.


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      I saw plenty of ptarmigan and Hares off of the taylor highway this winter. If I was still up there, I probably would spend some time in that area.


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        give me a ring.. just got back myself (today) from some small game hunting... im just off college road and I did a little hunting on farmers loop today with some success. the hares are comming out..have yet to see any ptarmagin or fox.. I plan on going out past eilson next weekend to scope some areas.. im also a .22 hunter but carry my side arm just incase somthing bigger wants to play.


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