When to go for a good bear coat (fall)



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  • When to go for a good bear coat (fall)

    I notice season are long, I am looking to hunt griz in August (probably august 10th) I am looking at the brooks range, chugach and the wrangels. Mostly because I will also be hunting dall sheep. I am worried about the weather in sept. However I am worried about the quality of bear coats in august.

    What is your input for a sept griz hunt in the above 3 units (for weather and fur quality)?

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    I would focus on getting a sheep first as that will probably be the harder of the 2 to fill and some areas grizz isn't even open until September anyways . So for what it's worth, i'll chime in on the grizz.
    I believe their coats will be fine in September, better in October but you should be ok. Just make sure you look them over real good before you pull the trigger. MOre than likely they will be looking for berries and whatever else they can find find to fatten themselves with before winter hits. Geeez, did I just say winter........


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      The later in the year, the thicker the coat. I believe that a bears fur continues to grow and in the den. There's alot of difference between sept fur and april fur. Probably not alot of difference between aug. and sept, tho it may be enough to notice.
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        Thanks guys, I am looking at areas that are open for griz and sheep in August, want to go for sheep in August, so I was worried about griz coat quality in mid August.


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