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    Looking for information on this outiftter out of Soldotna alaska. Looking to do a combo Moose/Caribou float hunt in 07. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Good folks

    I haven't chartered High Adventure myself but I've flown with them a number of times while working for ADFG and also relied on them for grocery and equipment deliveries. My impression of the outfit was: good guys, good pilots, good planes, professional operation. Their reputation within ADFG (at least among the folks I knew) was very solid. Again, I haven't tried to book a hunting or fishing trip with them but if I was planning such a trip I would definitely give them a call.


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      One Thumbs Up

      When I was reserarching a moose/bou combo hunt for the 2002 season, I sent a 5-page questionnaire (I'm a consultant, we can be anal) to 27 different outfitters.

      Although they were already booked for 2002 and could not accept my business, High Adventure provided the most thorough, detailed response of all of the outfitters who responded. That said a lot to me - that someone who wasn't going to see a penny of my money the next Fall, would take the time to respond to EVERY one of my questions!

      So take this for what it's worth,since I did not actually hunt with them - but they made quite an impression, nonetheless.



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        Had a buddy and his dad use them a couple of years ago. they recieved excellant service. High air worked there butt off putting them in good locations. They even gave me a hat for driving them from anchorage to soldotna. I was there point of contact while they were hunting and they kept me informed. I knew when my buddy shot his moose, and also when they were weathered in and when they got them out. Good operation.

        Another good one just kitty corner from high air is Talon air. I used these folks and it was great service. They flew in a 2nd plane to get out all our antlers (18 of them) for free. Talon and high air work together. lets say you need to be pulled out and high air cant get to you, talon will pick you up at no charge and vice versa. its kinda a pretty good security blanket.



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          high air

          Last january my cousin and I booked a caribou hunt for this fall with these guys. I haven't had any hands on experience with them as of yet but I have called and emailed them quite a bit and have "always" gotten prompt and very thoroughe help and advice. Everything has been verry professional so far. Hope this helps.


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