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Pinacle pass caribou creek area

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  • Pinacle pass caribou creek area

    For twent plus years there were always many caribou in this area. Several years ago when the tier two was cancelled and it went into a three day shoot anything spree, they disapeared. I have not drawn a tier two fir the last 6 years even though i have been in Alaska for almost thirty. Has anyone seen any caribou in the Pinacle or caribou creek area in the last few years? I am more curious then anything as i already am ready for the disapointment of not drawing a Nelchina permit again! That area was always very productive. We went down the one scary hill and went up the other side. We would get up at 530 on August 10th and gutting our animals by 6 am. If it sounds like i am dreaming of days gone by i probably am! It just use to be a great guaranteed hunt. Hopefuly permits will increase and some one living in Chugiak for 29 years will have a chance! Viktor

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    I'm a 28 year Eagle River resident who hasn't had a Tier II permit in about 5 years, so I feel your pain. I'm holding out hope that the change in the proxy hunt regulations will put us into the permits again. (Of course, then we have to suffer the wrath of those who don't appreciate the Tier II system...and I agree with them...but hey, I'll take it if I can get it!)



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      I have seen a few the past couple of years just east of there, on the back side of the Synclyne Mtns. from the air. Through Ballanger Pass. I personally feel some of these areas were hit pretty hard from the volcano ash about the time frame you speak of. Much of the forage changed as a result of the ash. Lots more moss and clover, that choked out the lichens. But no doubt the debacle you speak of no doubt had a detrimental effect on the herd. If F&G tries to pull that stunt again, all hunters should band together and refuse to shoot anything but mature bulls.
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