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  • sheep pics

    Sorry if that was decieving but I am wondering if anyone has some sheep pics that they could share.

    I am going hunting this fall and am trying to learn to judge a sheeps horn length and size now. However, I can not go look at any sheep so I figured some pics may be my best bet..

    I have Duncan Gilhcrest video on field judging and it is a great tool.
    It would really be great if I could get some pics and the length of the horns as well!!!!

    Thanks to everyone that sends some.


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    Do you just want them sent to your e-mail, or posted on here? I've got digital shots of 3 of the 4 rams I've taken, along with another that I observed that would be really good for the legal/non-legal discussion. Let me know!



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      please post them here. i would love to see them also.


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        He ain't no record breaker but he's legal.
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          Can Someone do better than that

          That is a nice Ram and thanks for showing it off. However, I think even the most novice hunter could tell you right away that that one is legal. I don't have any pics myself since all the mounts in my family are scattered around lower 48. If someone can post a few pictures from a side view of their Ram and post. That is where we can make Jason some money (full 360 degree).

          If anything, I know the Anchorage ADFG office has about 4 to 5 static display rams that you can hold and view to determine if they are legal. After choosing, look at the back side of the plaque and it will tell you if you were right or wrong. Be cautious in the field, I've seen some 7/8ths curls that I thought should have been legal but ADFG determined otherwise. Another idea is to take a few days to visit the local taxidermists and look at what they have hanging around. I'm sure most would be happy to give you a few minutes of their time.

          Good Luck.


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            Here are a couple different angles of my ram. I studied him for over 15 minutes at 150 yards with my spotting scope on 40 power. I was pretty sure he was at least 8 years old but wasn't sure if he made full-curl. He has a wide flare so its very difficult to tell. He was with a couple other rams and one was a definite shooter with at least 2" over full. This guy had a lot more mass though and I love the wide horns. He ended up being 37" with 14" bases. F&G aged him at 9.5 and the first guy said he wasn't full-curl then one of the bios walked out of his office and said nice full-curl so he changed his mind and put down that it was full.
            Front view

            Side view

            Another side view

            Hope that helps a little and good luck on your hunt.


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              OK - I'm trying to post a photo for the first time, so please bear with me.

              Here are two views of the same ram.

              I saw this sheep from about 1.5 miles away, stalked to within approximately 400 yards, laid down, and let the sheep feed to within about 225 yards from me. I watched this sheep for about two hours, but decided not to shoot.

              I shot these photos by holding the lens of my digital camera to the eyepiece of a Bushnell Spacemaster spotting scope, which I've since upgraded.

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                Tom L, even though there isn't a good side view, I think you made the right decision.


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                  Yeah, I was pretty sure he wasn't full curl, and didn't feel at all confident trying to count rings, as I've tried it on a few sets of horns I've had in hand and found that difficult.


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                    A few pics

                    Alright, here are a few for you. I've got a couple more, but can't seem to find them right now.

                    This first one is of a sheep that walked by me when I was out on a hike in July. He doesn't look legal to me, but is a classic example of one that's almost there - close enough that you sit and watch for a while just waiting for the horn to grow.

                    This next one was my most recent sheep. Two angles here, and it seems quite different depending on the view.


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                      One more...

                      This is a classic example of how angle and side of head makes all the difference. From this picture this sheep looks questionable, but he was sealed as full curl by F&G, no questions asked. His other horn is a little longer, but even the side in view just makes it when viewed from the side.

                      Good luck with your hunt planning...let me know if there's anything else I can help you with!



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                        Awesome photos Brian

                        Thanks for the photo sharing. In that last photo you can count rings pretty easy, probably not so well in the field though. Looks like you had a good lookin packer to help on one hunt as well!


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                          If that ram isn't full curl just shoot me!

                          For any so-called professional to suggest that your ram wasn't full curl is assinine beyond my comprehension! Nice ram.

                          Tony Dingess
                          Revelation Mountain Outfitters
                          220 Fowler Branch
                          Harts, WV 25524
                          Alaska Registered Guide #1043


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                            Boss - Yeah, that was my wife's first sheep hunt. 80 degree temps, and success on a nice ram - she's hooked now! My wife can't wait for our next sheep hunt...yes, I am a lucky man indeed.



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                              Lucky Man

                              Nice sheep and it's awesome that you and your wife can enjoy time in the field.



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