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  • Bear Bait Status Check

    Just looking to see how everyone's bear bait is doing?

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    I have one coming in irregularly, every few days or so which makes it hard to catch him there. I do not have a trail timer and am running out of time. Any suggestions?
    I come home with an honestly earned feeling that something good has taken place. It makes no difference whether I got anything, it has to do with how the day was spent. Fred Bear


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      I hunted a bear like that last year. It took me until the last day of baiting before everything came together and I was able to harvest him.

      I ende up putting out some fresh cooking oil from some Halibut that we had fried earlier in the week. If that did not work I was going to try a tactic I have read and heard a lot of people talk about.

      I have been told that if you take two people into the bait and have the second person leave the big bears will come out. This is based on the bear not thinking of two people. I don't know that it works. But it would be worth a try.

      My bait has been slow this year. I have had a sow and 3 cubs. Other than that dead. I am baiting between Eielson and Delta.


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        my bait has been hit steady for about 2 weeks now but have only been able to hunt it 4 times, second nite in tree saw 2 bears one small one 5.5-6 foot but was a scouting trip for another person in my group who wasnt able to make it and has first shot so I let him go. second nite had a big brownie come in. Let the bait empty for 3 days. filled it last nite and sat no bears came in but saw 2 on the road driving out. Ganna hunt it again tonite.


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          active station

          My first baiting season has been quite active. My partner and I have had black bears in every night (10 or 12) we hunted since mid May (except one night when there was a fire in the area). We have had a couple sows with cubs (Is it normal to have 2 sows with cubs in the same area?) And some that look like 2 year old bears. The yearlings have been coming in 2s and 3s for a couple weeks now, no mama. We have plenty of good video. One night while refilling the barrel a grizz came in. That was my first up close and personal encounter with a grizz. Thank my lucky stars or my wits or whatever you like to thank that I am here to write about it. A little more excitement than I had bargained for. A couple nights ago a mature looking black bear came in but offered no shot to the bow. Maybe this weekend.

          The best part of the season happened when my hunting partner brought a young man 13 or 14 to the station who had never hunted but always wanted to. This boy is not his own son, but a boy who is caught in the middle of a custody battle. He spent a couple nights in the tree and passed shots on younger bears. A couple nights ago he went in for the last time before leaving Alaska and shot a medium sized bear. His first hunting experience will be a memory he will take with him forever and it came at a tough time in his life. If I do not get a shot this year it will have been worth it to see that boys smile and excitement.


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            too many kids never get a chance at something like that. thanks to you guys for making it happen


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              Daily baiting and not too much at a time?

              Sollybug, if possible try refreshing the bait in early afternoon or just before the evening hunt. Try not too much bait at a time. That way they will be more apt to come early in daylight before another bear gets it all. You don't really need to feed them, just a snack. It might help to use something they really like but don't encounter much, such as pastries. I mostly spot and stalk so I'm no expert on baiting. Maybe some more experienced guys will tell us how they do it.


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                This is my first year baiting have to stations setup and nothing everyone else is getting hit up like crazy whats goin on


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