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  • Dg360

    I got lucky enough to get drawn for this hunt upcoming this fall, plan on going the last 5 days or so of the hunt in mid Oct, was curious if anyone could share any info concerning fly in vs. water taxi (and hike) into this area (time of year/weather/etc). Not looking for secret spots, just somewhere to get started with my research on the subject. Thanks very much in advance.

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    I've hunted that area 2X before (100% success) and have a tag for there again this year. We hunted it once at the beginning of October and the lakes were beginning to freeze on the edges. I wouldn't want to hunt in mid-October if you are flying in. As far as water'd better have legs like a Lama and lungs like a horse. Even the lowest goats will wish you never drew the tag. We're flying in on Aug 9th this year trying to punch our tags (3 of us with tags) prior to moose season. My wife has got a 361 tag that we'll be going on after my hunt. Good luck to you, and watch out for bears.....even in October.


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      E-mail me

      I've hunted goat & bear in DG360. Send me an e-mail ( if you want my 2-cents on the area.


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        goat reports?

        any reports for dg360? or other homer goat areas? i'm heading into 360 next week...any info is appreciated. adam: sent you a pm.


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