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  • beware of flying bears

    Of all the ways to go.
    In 1492 Native Americans discovered Columbus lost at sea

    If I come across as an arrogant, know-it-all jerk, it's because I am

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    Heard this one on the news - man I guess when its your time to go anything can happen!
    Had a man die about 5 years ago in a nearby town when a truck hit a deer and half of it flew into his widshield and the hoof took out his juglar, his wife (a nurse ) was in the passenger seat - she was Ok and he had enough left in him to pull off the road before he perished...
    The people in the truck didn't know anyone was hurt till the ambulance came out looking for a 911 call as they were a few hundred yards apart when it was over...
    When asked what state I live in I say "The State of Confusion", better known as IL....


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