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a spring bear season i wont soon forget...

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  • a spring bear season i wont soon forget...

    this spring got off to a slow start...little to no bear movement on the first round had me wondering if it was gonna be another hard one...things started looking up around mid may.

    mark cuddeback (you bear baiters are proly familiar with his line of trail cameras...he pioneered the devices in the late eighties and still leads the industry) was up with hal gahm from texas trophy hunters tv to film marks hunt(something new and EXTREMELY annoying to me from a guides standpoint...). hal would trade his camera for a gun if and when mark collected a bear.

    a solid couple of guys, good humor, good mental toughness, and good attitudes enabled us to weather a pretty bad storm with all the bells and whistles (moving camp in 100 plus mph into a lumpy hole cut into the alders with an estwing is always fun) ...hell the boys were even game to hunt through it...not so with some clients.

    i wont go into much details until after the show airs...late fall i beleive.

    to sum up, it was a hunt i'll not likely duplicate:

    marks bear went 9'6 26+ skull...normally a bear on the upper end of our size in this particular stretch of western alaska.
    we killed him on day nine after passing up a couple lesser bears.
    hal passed the camera to mark the next day and the hunt continued...

    never would i have thought a nine and half foot bear would be the "small" one in any camp this side of kodiak or the lower penn...

    hals bear went an inch over ten foot, his skull will be a couple sixteenths shy of second ten footer i've guided, and only the second bear over ten foot my boss's outfit has collected in the last decade...i guided that one in spring of general we just dont have very many bears get that big.

    i worked hard for both of them, and had we not been sharp when we needed to be and aggressive on both stalks we would have never collected either one. hals bear took me on a low odds goose chase all over the country, i spotted him and around nine am, got his hide back to camp around 1:30 the next morning...proly a ten or eleven mile day at the least. sometimes you just gotta hang it out there and hustle to make it work...we were blessed with good wind at the right time, and good physical shape all around...the difference between success and failure in this instance.

    the posted pics are only of marks bear...hals giant will be posted later, as my camera was out of commision at the time, and i need to get pics from the clients...i'll put em up as soon as i can.

    what an awsome hunt. i'm still grinning.

    as for the filming the end of the hunt hal and i were fast friends, and he's a great guy...but between you guys and me...i'd just as soon huck that ****ing Click image for larger version

Name:	028.jpg
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Size:	69.8 KB
ID:	2509775camera in the bering than ever see it show up in one of my camps again. what an annoying endeavor from a guides point of view.

    a couple pics...Click image for larger version

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    couple more pics...

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	2479820Click image for larger version

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      couple more

      Click image for larger version

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ID:	2479822Click image for larger version

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        Good Work, Very Nice Bears, Congratulation to everyone.
        ALASKA is a "HARD COUNTRY for OLDMEN". (But if you live it wide'ass open, it is a delightful place to finally just sit-back and savor those memories while sipping Tequila).


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          Good work man. Another fine showing of great bear bear guiding. Cornering those sneaky ol boys with hunter and camera in tow, amazing.


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            Enjoyed your story and pictures.
            I agree that while the camera deal sounds exciting, it soon becomes intrusive. But/butt this is the fad these days.
            ...just bought a camera to provide my clients with something of a vidio record of their brown bear hunts with me....see how well this deal works out this coming fall, with my "intrusive" attitude and experiences and all.
            Anyway, allways remember that you are having the time of your life guiding out in the Alaskan bush for brown bears and such. I know that you apprreciate the opportunity and lifestyle that you have afforded and provided to and for yourself.
            Thanks again for posting here on the forum. It is these stories that many of us enjoy the most!
            With admiration and respect......AlaskaTrueAdventure/Dennis
            Imagine (It's easy if you try)
            …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
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              Congrats on a couple amazing bears. From the story it sounds as if it is almost worth getting a satelite just to watch. :topjob:
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                nice work man, always cool pullin' good bears outa the wood work!
                Master guide 212


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                  Good job getting two great bears!!

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                    Holy Crap! What a beautiful bear. Sounds like you had a couple of good guys to hunt with. That's got to be a big deal for you. I'd hate spending all that time and energy with anything less. My dream, some day, is to hunt "bushel basket" bears w/ a bow. Those bears would be amazing to have within bow range. Sure hope you get to post more photos, I never watch hunting shows as I don't have cable, and am too cheap to go buy videos. Looking forward to more of the same. Congrats to you and your clients.


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                      Hey, camera or gun, the shootin' got done.....well done at that, from what ya post.

                      Im lucky , the wife is my 'camera person" and far more usefull with other aspects of the hunt ~~LOL!!~~

                      was that Bear scrubbed up by you guys or was he just a scrub to beginewith....never seen a fur so ratted out...wind n rain? blood? Just wondering......
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                        hey thanks alot i say, i'm still all grins.

                        both bear were shot close...just the way it happened. less than fifty yrds the both of them.

                        stranger: he cleaned up quite nice. he was dumped in a little shallow crick and got wet and bloody coming out...the way it goes. i tried to prep him for pics, but theres only so much a guy can do without snow. he cleaned up quite nice when i got him dried back at camp. i'll post pics of the bigger bear soon...the only rub on the two of them was an armpit rub on marks bear, cant quite see it in the pics...hard to find those in the field, he'll have to mount this one on all fours.

                        once again was a grand team effort by all...and i'll say once more that while the camera was annoying, both clients were class acts, and somtimes that can mean alot towards the success of a hunt.

                        and yeah dennis...i sure love my job.

                        havent been on the forum lately, been trying to catch up whenever i get the time...


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                          Any chance we can get an update/web link when the show airs? Ten footers....incredible...
                          The Alaska Life

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                            Wow, what a fantastic job. congrats is deserved all the way around.
                            Semper Fi and God Bless


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                              Great job. You are holding up your end of great bear guides from Haines
                              Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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