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    Headed out of Valdez with a few goals in mind. Run the new boat motor, hopefully find a couple bears for the kids, pick up a few shrimp, meet up with some friends and enjoy. The new motor and jet combo was a great improvement over the previous motor and all was well. The weather was crappy with fog and rain and the water was a little rougher than desired but we made decent time. Had to plow through some ice fields but made it to our starting point for hunting and dropped the shrimp pots and started looking.

    As the tide went out late at night I put my brother and his grand son out on the flats for a late evening hunt. It wasn't long before the shots rang out and he had his first bear - off to a good start. First shot put the bear down and it rolled into the creek - another shot to keep it still - great start to a 12 year olds big game hunting. It wasn't a big bear but the hide was nice and as it turned out it was the only one we got a shot at.

    Good friend Seaulater rolled in about the time we started gutting the bear and set the anchor for the night. We hung the bear knowing the crisp temperatures would cool the meat in the few hours before we could get the boat to it in the day light and high tide. Short nights sleep and time to skin the bear - Seaulater was kind enough to offer his massive bow for the task at hand. While 1/2 the crew tackled that job my daughter and I pulled the shrimp pots looking for dinner.

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    Hunted hard and only saw one more live bear but found a small dead one – It appeared like someone shot it drug it into the trees and left it lay because it was small. My daughter will have to wait a while longer for her first bear. We were a little late for the area we hunted and there had been pressure earlier in the week and the bears had a lot of the grass mowed off already. We did see a big goat with a horn broken off and lots of other wild life.

    We managed a few gallons of large shrimp without trying too hard or exerting much energy. The last day the sun came out and we took our time getting back with my daughter stepping up to the captain role.

    The good ship “Seaulater”


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      Great pics. Maybe I should retire to Valdez!
      I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
      I have less friends now!!


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        Great job! Glad to see that the next generation is having fun, and learning to appreciate the outdoors. Congrats to the shooter.


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          Its good to hear the new motor is up to par and you all had no issues hope you have better luck with the bear the next go around!

          It was nice seeing the Moose with some game on her hope to see more pictures like that!

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            Looks like a great time had by all. Glad the boat ran smooth.
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              Good hunting with the kids.


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                Great story and pics!! Thanks for sharing. The wife and I are heading out of Whittier tomorrow, looking for a Black Bear for her. PWS is awesome in the Spring time!!

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                  Sounds like a great trip. I recognize that area. No big guide boat there? Thanks for posting.
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                    Originally posted by spoiled one View Post
                    Sounds like a great trip. I recognize that area. No big guide boat there? Thanks for posting.
                    We had the area to our selves for about 2 hours and while deciding which 1/2 of the bay to focus on a boat moved into the other side and set up camp. Another boat came in there as well and there was a lot of chatter of the vhf between them. A third boat came in the next day to find them in one side and us in the other and left.

                    Not like the good old days when we hunted the area by ourselves and counted 27 bears in 3 days. The cool thing was the kid shot his bear within 50 yards of where his mom got her first bear years ago.


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                      I have hunted that area for years as well. I haven't been there for a couple of seasons due to the fact that there was a big boat with a couple of smaller boats working the area with clients. I am surprised we haven't bumped into each other out there. It is a beautiful area!
                      sigpicSpending my kids' inheritance with them, one adventure at a time.


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