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Questionable Shot? (Didn't Take it)

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  • Questionable Shot? (Didn't Take it)

    Some of you may be able to put my mind at ease. Tonight I was driving down past Girdwood when I saw a black bear on the other side of the road, railroad tracks, and a pond. I was contemplating on taking the shot and then working my way around the pond to the animal. The shot would have only been about 150 yds with a 35 Whelen, definitely in my range. It was very good looking bear maybe a little over 6' with a great coat.

    I am just wondering what some of you would have done in this situation, being just of the highway

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    I dont think you can shoot from or across roads.
    Could you have made it around the pond for sure?
    can you legally shoot across RRTracks?

    You did the right thing, if you dont feel right about it, dont do it, so 'well not done'

    luckily, we have very very few roads
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      I know that you are not allowed to shoot from the road or across the road. I would have been about 5 feet off the road, my big question is across the railroad tracks.

      I would have been able to make it around the pond for sure, as soon as I crossed the tracks the bear decided to play hide and seek. And with it being just me and my wife I didn't want to go chasing to much.

      I figure it is best that I didn't take the shot. Just been itching to put a bear down this spring.


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        Technically when you cross the tracks not at a crossing you are trespassing so you were probably right not to shoot.
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          You did the right thing, but I would have figured the wind direction, and drove 1/2 mile down wind, parked, stalked the bear. Bears don't come much easier than 150 from the road (Yes, it would have been further to pack him out around the lake).

          On a side NOTE: I counted 5 piles of fresh bear poop on the Hope Road early yesterday AM between the cut'off and mile 8.
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            Good for you! Alot of people would have thought about that AFTER they shot. A bear that easy is anti-climatic anyway.


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              Probably best to go with your gut, few would doubt letting down the hammer. Besides, wouldn't it be more fun to chase one in the woods than to smoke one from the road. I grew up road hunting, and unless I'm starving, I'd rather do it in the woods. Karma comes around....I'll bet next week you'll post a picture of a 6'6 with beautiful backdrop. Good luck.


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                Good choice. In that location someone will always be ready to jump on you if a wrong move is made. You have to be 1/2 mile off of the Seward Highway to discharge a firearm anyhow.


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                  Originally posted by Mountain Man Jack View Post
                  Good choice. In that location someone will always be ready to jump on you if a wrong move is made. You have to be 1/2 mile off of the Seward Highway to discharge a firearm anyhow.
                  I am NOT challenging you, but I am not sure that is valid for the entire Seward Hwy. only the Refuge, but I am not positive. I thought you only had to be off the shoulder of the road, or maybe the right of way.
                  ALASKA is a "HARD COUNTRY for OLDMEN". (But if you live it wide'ass open, it is a delightful place to finally just sit-back and savor those memories while sipping Tequila).


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                    Doesn't it feel better to pass around all these compliments instead of negativity? This is a friendly place until someone shoots.
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                      Putting regulations aside I would not have taken the animal just due to the location. Believe me I love to hunt and put my time in when I have some but I have to remember that not everyone feels the same way I do. It is my personal belief that taking game in the possible presence of someone who has no choice but to be present (e.g. in a car passing by) and does not support hunting causes some damage to our sport. I remember the two guys that killed that brownie down off the Sterling highway at the ferry when all the tourists and locals were watching her. Heck, I stopped and watched her a couple of times. She would come down off the bank, grab a salmon and put on a show. I even had a couple of folks at a local restaurant ask me if I saw her! Unfortunately, the guys that killed her made the paper, folks argued for and against what they did but in the end it gave our sport a black eye. Regardless of whether or not I am legal to take an animal I need to consider the implications of what I am about to do on our sport.

                      Don't get me wrong, watching a 6 footer with an awesome coat feed 150 yards away wouldn't be easy to walk away from but that's just me.. I have no ill feelings toward anyone taking animals legally and under fair chase...

                      Just my 2 cents..


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                        I am not going to second your decision, though I do feel you made the correct decision.

                        I always believe it is in everyone's best interest to re-evaluate the situation when doubt enters the picture as to whether or not the pending action is the proper thing to do, and then act accordingly.:topjob:


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                          Only you can decide if you made the right choice. You can't go wrong if you follow the law, and your gut feeling.......
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                            Thanks guys for the positive out look. I wasn't aware of the 1/2 mile and the bear may just have been over 1/4 of a mile of the road.

                            I will say growing up in Idaho and seeing everyone and their brother road hunting turned me off to killing anything just off the road. I guess, I never really planned on shooting anything that close to the road but it was still a little difficult to justify passing up such a good looking bear.

                            I will be trying again maybe tonight or tomorrow night. Only thing is it looks like it may be a solo outing.

                            Thanks again guys and best of luck to you all.


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                              Not sure exactly where you were, but here is some general info for all of us.



                              11 AAC 20.010. Use of weapons

                              (a) Except as provided by (b) of this section, the use and discharge of a weapon for the purpose of lawful hunting or trapping is allowed in Chugach State Park, except within one-half mile of a developed facility or within one-half mile of the New Seward Highway between Mile 90 and Mile 115.

                              (b) The use and discharge of a firearm is prohibited within the following drainages:

                              (1) Eklutna River excluding the east fork of Eklutna River and Thunderbird Creek above Thunderbird Falls;

                              (2) Eagle River and all tributary drainages downstream from the confluence of Icicle Creek and Eagle River located in Section 25, T13N, R1E, S.M.;

                              (3) all forks of Campbell Creek;

                              (4) Rabbit Creek;

                              (5) McHugh Creek; and

                              (6) Rainbow Creek.

                              History: Eff. 1/16/74, Register 48; am 8/11/80, Register 75; am 5/11/85, Register 94; am 2/3/88, Register 105

                              Authority: AS 41.21.020


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