what gun oil to use in alaska??????????



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    If you are going to get Eezox, make sure you know if you are getting the synthetic or not. They are very different animals. I have the synthetic and it does not seem to prevent rust as well as the standard stuff my buddy uses. The synthetic is very thin and dries leaving a thin film behind which is great for the internals, but falls short on exterior protection. If I'm going on a hunt the internals get Eezox synthetic and externals get wiped down with marine grade fogging oil, that stuff works like a champ and cheap too!
    I have also use Amsoil synthetic trans fluid and that works pretty darn good as well.



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      Originally posted by Mountaintrekker View Post
      I have also use Amsoil synthetic trans fluid and that works pretty darn good as well.
      It's tough to beat ATF (synthetic or otherwise) as a protectant for firearms. A little goes a long ways...
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        Gunslick. Nuff said.
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          Wow, I just got blocked from viewing 6mmbr as a website cause it's content was listed as "Weapons:Sports Recreation"

          I'm wirelessly searching from a California medical buildings complex, so i guess that figures, but can you imagine that? Blocked out from 6mmbr (i think that means Benchrest !!) site cause of the word weapons,....

          Anyway, can't wait to get home to my stash of Kroil, which I just started using after reading all about it on these forums,
          that is definitely an impressive oil, so when I finally found some, I bought all they had down at the fuel dock in Kodiak, only place I could find, and should be using that for some time as a result.

          I am really the type to go for the "Special label oils" though my Dad would have mentioned ATF and been done with it,....and he really did know a bit about all that,

          So I gotta ask, has anyone messed around with "Corrosion Bloc" for their firearms protection?
          I think it's spelled without the k at the end, comes out foamy blue

          It is a Stunningly Effective "just does what it says" kind of oil
          we use for all things Marine in the offshore industry.
          So my shotgun, that stays onboard just about yr round, is coated heavily with Corrosion Bloc, and takes the environment well.
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            Used EezOx for many years with no complaints, same can be said for Rem-Oil and TriFlow. Within reason, which product one chooses to care for their firearm or any other item, has far less to do with favorable results than actualy using it when needed, and then those times in between when it is not needed. Pick one and use it, then use it again.


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              try gun grease when in the field. It will last a whole lot longer than oil. I think all the major companies like Tetra and Remington make a grease along with their oils.
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                Give it a coat of Johnsons floor wax and wipe it down like a polish.


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                  bout the only place I have found eezox in anchorage is Mountain View. The larger bottle you will have to order from Midway or the like.


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                    Midway web site shows nothing on EEZOX. Not out of stock. Not a product Midway is selling right now. Google Eezox and can order from there site. Good luck.

                    P.S. Those rust tests are pretty shocking!


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