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Alsek River Moose Hunt Questions

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  • Alsek River Moose Hunt Questions

    Just checked the USFS website and won the reservation lottery for Alsek River Cabin starting Oct 21 for a moose/wolf hunt. There would be 3 of us hunting.

    I have spoken with USFS employees as well as Federal Subsistence biologist and still have some more leads to speak with. However, I wanted to ask if any of you had done this hunt before or had experience in this area and could give me your viewpoint and experiences. I am always amazed at the breadth of experience and knowledge on the site and am hopeful one of you can fill me in!

    Due to this being a subsistence area, the first legal hunt date, as I understand it, is the 22nd. This is pretty late in the year weather and rut wise and I am not sure what to expect from the animals.

    In the opinion of those who have tried it is this a viable plan/time frame?

    Any and all input is greatly appreciated and pms gladly accepted!

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    Never hunted there, but I see you're located in CA. Just wondering how you managed to draw on a Subsistance hunt?

    Also get you bumped to the top.


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      I'm going to guess that you won the lottery for the "cabin". What you use the cabin for is up to you. You will be hunting as a "non-resident" thus you must hunt under state regs. Your not eligible to hunt under federal subsistence regs.
      As I see it, from the state reg book, the moose season in that area runs Oct. 15 to Nov. 15.
      I would suggest talking with the STATE biologist for that area. Federal biologists are rarely as informed on their assigned areas as the state guys are.
      You will be hunting during the prime time of the rut. Should be good calling. I don't believe that area holds alot of moose tho.
      Good luck on the hunt.
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        I've hunted near there and the area has a lot of bears. I've seen moose tracks and feces hunting there in the fall, but I've never actually seen a moose. I suspect the high bear population directly causes a low moose population.
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          Yes, I did win the cabin lottery; and I know that the area is subsistence only until the 22nd. Kay9cop- were there primarily brownies or black bears. I'm assuming brown. Were you hunting spring or fall? Ok to pm if you prefer.

          I did another hunt in Southeast, Sep. 15th or so, where there were moose sign that was old but it was a late salmon run and lots of bears still on the river. Do you see a similar deal here? I am hoping the later date helps with this problem. My group ended up black bear hunting instead.

          I will definitely talk with regional biologist as well as anyone else I can speak with about the hunt. Thanks for the thoughts all.


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            It was a fall hunt and they were browns. I've hunted that area between August and October and it was the same every time, lots of moose sign but no moose seen.

            I got my best info from the USFWS Ranger that was responsible for the area...Jim something if I remember correctly.
            "Beware the man with only one gun; he may know how to use it."


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