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    Just fooling around on the computer and noticed that google earth has updated the images for Alaska, well atleat the areas that I was looking at. The new images are april 15 2011, while I am happy to see a lot more and recent, april 15 there is still a lot of snow on the ground and frozen rivers, but I am not complaining. :topjob:

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    Glad to hear it. Too bad that it's winter pictures. I'll bet some nerd didn't even think it would matter. What areas are new and how much more has been added?
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      The are constantly updating the coverage, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is an automatic script that mosaics and uploads new satellite images as they become available from Landsat or Spot or whoever they buy them from. Especially once you get off the road several miles, the best imagery you usually find is 30m stuff, but there is 10m, 1m, and even sub-1m imagery on google earth now. It's an amazing program.

      Has anyone used DNR Garmin with Google Earth lately?
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