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PWS camping/hunting STID STYLE!!!

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  • PWS camping/hunting STID STYLE!!!

    Just returned from my 3rd black bear hunt and 2nd to PWS within the last 11 days. Each trip was special in its own right no doubt, but this last one was something truly memorable.

    Steve (known here on the forum as Stid2677) was gracious enough to offer an invite to my wife and I to join him out in his camp in PWS. Many of you might remember that that last time the 3 of us went hunting it didn’t end so well for my wife, so she especially was looking forward to a trip with Steve that didn’t involve a chopper or a call to the Coasties. So with her on the mend and really wanting to get back out there and just hang with Steve again under a bit better circumstances it was a wonderful opportunity we didn’t dare pass up.

    Getting home around 8 pm Friday from a previous trip to Prince William Sound and putting gear from that away and gearing up for the next trip left me with about 2 hours of on/off sleep until my wife and I rolled out of bed at 2 AM to begin the drive to meet up with Steve.

    After logging a mile or a two we met up with Steve and had a quick breakfast in town prior to heading out to catch up a bit from the last time we saw him. Soon the gear was loaded and the boat was launched.

    Smooth seas allowed Steve’s boat to zip at a pretty good clip to our camping/hunting locale.

    Camp was nearly setup as Steve had been out there for a few days already so we just setup some of our personal gear and what not and set out to grab a few shrimp for din din.

    As most of you know Steve knows how to put on a good spread and this trip was no exception. Every meal was pretty much out of the world and this was one of the first hunting trips when I likely gained weight rather than lost it.

    Here are a few pics of the cuisine we had to “choke down”

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    That evening Steve motored Becca and I to a good place to set up for bears and wait until dark. Becca was feeling the effects of the 2 AM waking up call and nodded off and on towards the tail end of the sit. Around 11:45 PM we met up with Steve on the tidal flat and we scooted back to the Hilton of a tent.

    I must say that the Arctic Oven with the Nu-Way propane stove is one slick setup for sure. Both Steve and I have the same setup, but it was the first time either of us had seen it in practice prior to this trip for more than the standard “yard test”. With the stove pipe exhausting all the water vapor there is literally no condensation you usually experience for a propane stove and a 5 gallon or 20 pound propane bottle lasted I believe 8 nights total on roughly 10-12 hour burns every night. And the bunk bed cots made it possible for the 3 of us to sleep on cots in there with plenty of room to spare.

    Here are some pics of the setup:


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      The next morning we awoke to a slight rain which Steve coined a “snizzle.” Steve suggested we try our hand a rock fishing a bit which we did for a good portion of the day off/on while Steve gave us a tour of the area. We caught a few and before heading in for dinner that night we picked the shrimp pots again.

      Once again another fabulous dinner was made and the ambiance wasn’t bad either overlooking the bay with a glacier off in the distance. Steve again motored us over to the area he knew held bears and we again sat for 3 or so hours until dark without seeing anything in the way of actual bears but there was sign that at least one had been through between our stay the previous night and now. So back to the Hilton for another night of fabulous sleep.

      The next morning we awoke to a nearly cloudless sky. After breakfast we jumped in the boat for a tour of a couple more bays. As we nosed out of the bay/cove we were camped in, we looked out to the big water and saw it was glassy calm. Steve asked if we were up for some halibut fishing knowing that Becca had mentioned previous that she was prone to being sea sick. She said she was up for it and we jetted out to the flat fish hole.

      On the way out there a few porpoises swam along the boat for a while doing their darndest to douse us with water. We also saw a whale nose up out of the water.

      Once we got to the fishing hole it didn’t take long before we started hooking into fish. Becca had never halibut fished before so hooking into and landing her first halibut was something special for sure.

      After a couple hours we had limited out and headed back to camp on what still was a beautiful cloudless day in the Sound. We pulled the shrimp pots that evening as we were leaving the next morning.


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        After dinner we decided to try a slightly different location for our last night, as we had seen a bear on that beach two days prior.

        Steve dropped Becca and I off on the beach at around 9 PM. The two of us sat there together watching the sun set down behind the mountains overlooking the ocean and whispered back and forth about what an amazing day/trip it had been, as a river otter played in the estuary stream 100 yards away.

        The clear sky made for a bit cooler temps so we "ninja'd up" for warmth.


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          Around 10:45 PM as we were nestled in our hidey hole over looking nearly the whole beach I began thinking about the 50 or so yards of beach to our direct left that obscured. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of black ears peeking over the 3’ rock just 15 yards away. I motioned to Becca to get ready as the bear’s eyes had yet to make it above the rock and he had no idea we were there. She stood up and waited until she could see the bear again and let her little model 7 Remington bark. The bear hit the dirt falling behind the rock again. While she reloaded the bear rolled and tumbled in to view. Shortly after that it was all over after the last death moan. Becca was shaking from the excitement of having just bagged her first bear and that it happened all so fast at just 15 yards after looking over the beach of several hundred yards all evening.

          We snapped a few pics and soon Steve arrived after hearing the report of Becca’s rifle. We loaded the bear into the jet ranger and rolled into camp around midnight. We all sat around the campfire that night reflecting on what a truly amazing day it had been. The halibut, whale, porpoises, beautiful weather and calm seas all would have been more than enough to complete a special day. The chance for Becca to get her first halibut and her first black bear in the same day were a couple of GIANT cherries on top.

          The next morning we broke camp early and setout back to the harbor. We had a quick lunch with Steve before saying goodbye and jetting back home. I think Becca was pretty much beaming the whole trip back.

          Steve was an amazing host who worked his tail off non-stop to make this trip happen for us. Even when we just wanted him to “chill” sometimes next to the fire he was always working to make things better or more comfortable. Steve, Becca and I sincerely thank you for everything you did to make this trip possible. If anyone else gets the chance to go on a Stid adventure JUMP ON IT!!!!


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            pull my finger....


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              Great story and pictures luke. Glad to see the wife having a good time out there and it looks like you had some nice weather too!


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                One Day I would Kill to Join in on a "Steve Trip"!!!!!!!!
                I am not amazed at the wonderful report you guys had.
                Looks like a trip you will never forget!
                Congrats to Becca on the Twofur!


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                  very nice.....
                  I ♥ Big Sheep


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                    Alaska_Lanche, what a great trip. Looks like a great time had by all, including Stid. What a friend, priceless. Really liked all your pictures and the double decker cot setup looks simple and lightweight. I have used double decker cots before but were homemade and heavy.

                    Thanks for sharing


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                      Good going, I am glad everything worked out like it was supposed to this time! Get that leg all healed and come tackle Kodiak again in the not too distant future!


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                        Great report and well done ! I am glad to hear that the USCG saw fit to avoid you folks on this trip.


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                          Come on Luke, you know nothing will top a wet ride through the "washing machine!"
                          That trip looked ultra sweet. Congrats to becca, fancy cowgirl shooting.
                          CtP scored on a brownie last weekend. Good report man. Now quit playing in the lowlands, we got some rams to kill.


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                            Originally posted by Bighorse View Post
                            Come on Luke, you know nothing will top a wet ride through the "washing machine!"
                            That's no doubt!!!

                            Good going bro!
                            The Alaska Life

                            ~Spero Meliora~


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                              Sounds like a great trip with alot of great memorys!!!


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