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Brown Bear down! - First ever, and with a bow!

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  • Brown Bear down! - First ever, and with a bow!

    Well, heres the pictures and the story.

    We set out, and once we got to our location we immediately saw a bear on the beach.

    We started to head downwind of it, so that my buddy could put me on the beach. As we were heading up the shorline we saw another bear that looked larger feeding in the grass. We decided to go for that one inside. As we headed to a beach just downwind of the 2nd bear we noticed it was feeding in a direction that would bring it right to us.

    My buddy gave me his .44 and I got off the boat with my bow. I started walking down the beach while my buddy stayed in the boat to watch things go down.

    I walked down the beach for about 15 minutes. I looked at my buddy in the boat with my binos and he was pointing father down the beach from me frantically. I thought that must me I was getting close.

    There was a little point of land in front of me, and I figured the bear would probably be around that corner. I was about 130 yards from the point, when I saw the Brownie begin to round it. I was caught out in the open near the grass so I just squated and froze.

    The bear came around the point and stopped. It looked around and sniffed the air. I thought I was screwed! Luckily the bear put its head back down and continued to feed towards me. It dropped down into a small drepession where all I could see was its hump. Thats when I made my move towards the treeline. I tucked tight into the trees and decided I was going to wait.

    At the last minute I decided I was in a poor spot, and the bear would be about 10 yards away before I could see it. There was a large bunch of alder trees just back from me, so I decided to stand in the middle of those, as when the bear would become visible there it would be about a 30 yard shot.

    I sat there WAITING, and WAITING, and WAITING. I have to admit, I had a lot of concerns about my position. Mainly the fact that once I did stick an arrow in the bear, it was likely to come running directly at me to get into the woods.

    It felt like I had been waiting 10 minutes, so I gradually peeked out to see if the bear was still around. When I peeked out I saw it about 40 yards away, still closing in. I tucked back into the alders and waiting.

    I could hear branches snapping and it moving as it got closer and closer. Before I know it, it was 30 yards away and quartering towards me. I had to wait for a broadside of quartering towards me shot. The bear continued to walk down the beach, then turn left walking in a straight line towards me. Then it started to turn left again, giving me the broadside shot.

    I was pulled back and waiting. I had to shuffle a little bit because there was a large branch in the way. The bear was about 20 yards away. When I shuffled it knew somthing was up, and began to head for the woods. I aimed for the shoulder and let my arrow sail. I heard it impact and the ripped at its side and roared and took off running into the woods.

    About 150 yards later we found the bear.

    It wasn't a huge one, turned out to be a sow, but had a perfect hide, and was a great first archery Brown Bear.

    We skinned it and were out of the woods at about 9:30PM

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    Awesome story. Bet it was a rush


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      Awww, Incredible

      Great story, and hunt, takin' us right there with ya

      Congrats on the Close Up,"Bow Hunting Reality"
      Man, that 's some courage in action there
      Nice pics also
      Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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        Yeah, I'm not gonna lie....I was really second guessing myself seeing as I didn't have backup, and I was gonna be between the woods and the bear...


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          Dang nice bear! What did he square?
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            Congrats on a great hunt.
            It is nice to know that there are "ALASKANS" out there, no matter where they live.


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              Thats my Kinda Huntin'!!

              If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

              "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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                Congratulations! Excellent story, thanks for sharing, got a little rush just reading it!


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                  wow what a feeling huh...GREAT LOOKING BEAR...


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                    Very nice, especially with a bow.


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                      Great job! That is one nice looking brown bear and you are one balsy guy going after it on your own!

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                        You have one BIG set my son!!!!!!!!!! Nice bear.
                        Semper Fi and God Bless


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                          Good Bear...I like the Dark Claws...Most up here are Ivory colored, which are not too enviable.
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                            Wow, that is sweet, very well done !


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