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who does airboat drops on the ivishack?

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  • who does airboat drops on the ivishack?

    I did a search and came up empty. Would like to take the wife to shoot another caribou and since all she has been able to do in terms of boo hunting is the forty mile hunts I would like her to not have to shoot the first bull we see. Thanks in advance on this guys. There would be two of us maybe four if it all worked out. just looking for a transporter up and back on the river. Or up and we could float out if thats possible. We have been in Alaska for a long time and since I have lots of stuff on the walls I would like to get her a nice boo for the wall. Thanks again.

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    For AIRBOAT drop off hunts.......

    Alaska Gold Rush Adventures LLC, Randy Quincy
    1 877 487-8907
    907 495-2880


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