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  • Camo or olive impertech?

    I am new to this site and to Alaskan hunting. I booked my first Brown Bear hunt on the peninsula for spring of 2012. My outfitter strongly suggested Helly Hansen Impertech raingear. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the necessity of camo, or would the olive be fine? Thanks for any advice!

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    I have the olive and would not pay more for camo.


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      I also prefer the olive, IMO the camo has a plastic feel to it even though it's supposed to be the same material.
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        I would get one of each, or either, or whatever.....
        While very fine raingear, Impertech rain gear have been known to tear where chashing after a critter a mile away while struggling through the alder brush river bottoms. In 21 years of hunting in Alaska I have had the luxury of hunting out of a cabin one (01) time. I ripped both shoulders of my Impertech rain jacket by snagging nails barely protruding out of the doorjams.

        Do not put your Impertech raingear away wet, or it will "rot".
        And always get the long version that extends to your knees.
        At 5'10's, 183 pounds I generally wear size large shirts and jackets. With rain gear I get XXL because I prefer the extra length, everywhere, expecially the extra butt lenght as well as long sleeves.

        Color, to me, means nothing. After over 100 personal kills and another 200+ client-hunter kills I really can not remember any one time where camo raingear would have clearly made a difference over the normal olive drab rain gear. One of my commmercial fisherman buddies who also guides in the fall wears bright yellow rain gear on the tundra during the September moose hunts, and he and his clients seem to do just fine.

        Others may disagree based on their experiences.

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          The resale might be better on the camo .
          Good luck.
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            I think that neither will keep the bear from winding you- which is ultimately what will generally bust you.

            IMO the camo simply isn't worth extra dollars.
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              Olive, there is really no need for the camo. Most critters up here react more to movement and scent and camo doesn't help either.


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                There was a good thread/discussion along the lines of camo: thumbs up or thumbs down here 1-2 y ago I think. Can't find it now but the posters managed not to careen out of control and actually settle into:
                1. Yes - camo matters (to game animals)
                2. No - wind and/or motion matter much more

                Aha- typing too slow- like Bill S and hodgeman too said!

                Lots of good threads on Impertech (& many fans) or other raingear.
       (check Rutting Moose, post #4)

                Anyways - good luck with your raingear.
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                  Certainly not my choice for rain gear, but others seem to like it.


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                    I can't imagine that camo does any actual harm, but I'll pay less and go with Olive (or other color) every time. My present rain gear is navy blue and while its due for replacement that's not because of its color. If there's a sale, I'll take the sale color thank you very much...
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                      FWIW - I run the Impertech II camo top, with the olive bottoms.

                      I'm not a big fan of the hood rolled into the collar on the jacket tho. I'd prefer a hood that just lays down flat on the back of the jacket.


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                        if its raining that hard the bear ain't gonna see you anyway...olive is fine. nothing on the peninsula will be green anyway (cept moss) when your down there so camo or olive both will be outa season!
                        3/4 lenght is the only way to go as dennis stated. take aqua seal and duct tape with you, can fix big holes with that over night in the tent.
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                          I don't own a single piece of camo anything. My Impertech is all plain old green/olive. The times of year when I'm wearing it, it is likely gray and overcast. I'm generally not walking around. I'm either wearing it as I ride the 4 wheeler to keep the mud off or sitting on the side of a hill somewhere. If you're sitting still you'll be hard to see w/o camo. Not worth the extra money.
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                            After several other tries, I have the same set-up as L.G.

                            It works for me - even though I sweat enough to be wet anyway.


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                              Depends on what purse you are carrying...

                              Someone had to say it.
                              Mine is olive. I wouldn't pay extra for camo. I like the Imperteck.
                              Vance in AK.

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