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HOPE, Alaska "BEAR" Harvest 2011 "SPRING" Only

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  • HOPE, Alaska "BEAR" Harvest 2011 "SPRING" Only

    If you harvest a Black Bear spring of 2011 anywhere near Hope, Alaska from say the Hope Cut-off to Gull Rock to very back of Palmer Creek Or any drainage that flows into 6-Mile Creek (like Alder Cr.) or flows into Resurrection Creek. Would you please post it here.

    I don't care if you killed it with your car, truck, bow, spear, rifle, or your bare-hands (OK, if you kill it with your bare hands I want the details). You have to have killed it, or you can post the kill for someone not a member here. Don't care bait or No bait.

    I would just like to know roughly how many are harvested this spring. (And no I don't think the harvest tickets are an accurate indication).
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    i was down there this weekend and saw one on the back of a truck and saw one nice size one on the other side of six mile. Tried to wade across but way to fast. if you have any pointers on areas to go i would be more than happy to take a few bears out of there for you lol... Im planning on coming back down this weekend with a raft so just in case we happen to see another one over there well be ready... but ill be sure to let you know


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      My LT shot one last night off his bait stand! has 2 others and a big brown hitting it.


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        Originally posted by joebut1985 View Post
        saw one nice size one on the other side of six mile. Tried to wade across but way to fast.
        Floating face down in Turn Again is no way to bear hunt....................Saw 3 across Six Mile this morning, but no way I'm even trying!!!



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          Yeah face down would not be nice, lol. This weekend i had to work sat so got a late start but my hunting partners made it down there sat morning and saw some across the river. They had a raft this time so crossing was no problem, they didnt get the ones they were going after, so when i got down there we hiked in palmer creek road didnt see any shooters, just one brown bear and a black sow with three cubs. Better luck next time i guess.


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            Two posts in a row with a 3:1 or 4:1 black:brown ratio. Maybe the possum cops got the same numbers?
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              I took in and sealed a bear today that was killed near hope. Palmer creek area, spot and stalk 5 foot.. Sealed one tuesday that was over bait, cant recall the mile marker they were at just a tad bigger.. Both will be rugged. Thats only 2 this spring so far. last year a gal brought me a 6.5 footer, all scared up, ripped ear.. real nice bear. mile 5 I think it was.

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