annual brown bear visit...



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  • annual brown bear visit...

    little bit later than last year, but used the same trail, and turned away from the house at about the same spot. my little lab/aussie let him know he was unwelcome in no uncertain terms :topjob:
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    Are you certain that is a Brown Bear? The reason I ask is, the pic doesn't show the normal/classic tell-tale signs of claw marks. Judging by the pocket knife and size of print, distinctive features, I think there is a possiblity of it being a large Black Bear??? dono
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      Dang Dave that looks like a big paw print. Is that a Victorinox tinker knife? How long is that print anyway. I guess 9-10"?? Not worried about the dog getting eaten?



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        Those are pretty rare around your area, right? Must be a treat to have them near by.............tho I think a real habitat type guy would keep the dog in so as not to disturb the critters who were there first, eh?
        Track looks smudged..........not as big as first look would have you believe. But then, you peninsula people keep killing them with motor vehicles so they never get a chance to get big!!
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          boy mike, do just have some mandate to be a butt, or can you not help yourself?
          plenty of brownies around here, we get more tags every year. i have not drawn one yet, but this guy will be back next year, i'd bet on it.
          the dog is fast and smart, and living where we do we need one that is unafraid of bears to keep them out of the yard. as long as she is convinced she's BIG the bears seem to fall for it. there were several other tracks that were clear, but they didn't show as well (i was just using the phone for pics) toe nails were as deep as the awl on the knife, and i think that model is the camper, same size as the tinker though.
          forepaws were about 8" across, so a good bear for around here ... i guided for years out in 17, and have seen a heck of a lot of brown bear tracks, some with the bear still standing in them
          Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"


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            Dave, sounds like you have a great dog for protection. Sure is good to have one that is smart also. The Tinker goes with me at all times, feel lost without it, even if I get into a suit. Thanks again for the picture of the print, hope you get a tag soon. Mark


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              'boy mike, do just have some mandate to be a butt, or can you not help yourself?' What he said - a continually recurring question for me!
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