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Spring black bear vs Fall black bear

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  • Spring black bear vs Fall black bear

    I have been trying to get a Black Bear for over a year now and have been unsuccessful. In my pursuit I have noticed that some areas are great in the spring an bad in the fall while other are horrible in the spring and great in the fall, for spotting bears. Why is that? It makes it a lot harder when picking a drainage.

    I didn't have someone teaching my any of this growing up so I am having to learn the really hard way, on my own. It is definitely evident that a lot of hunters will give extensive info on gear but will be very quite about any spot recommendations, except for Hope... ha

    I am hoping that this spring I will be able to harvest my first big animal.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Well why you see bears in different areas in spring/fall is there food source,new green chutes vs berry bushes.I haven't been out this past week,but since the first sighting on April 25th I have seen 8 different bears -1 that is in me and my buddy's freezer.

    I'll tell you what,I'll give you my spot...Get you a good pair of binos and head south on the Seward highway.Stop and glass every mountain from rainbow creek to Seward and if no luck from Seward to Coopers landing and do this as many days you can before the trees green up I guarantee you will see more than a couple of bears,it is only then up to you if you can get on them before they vanish in the alders like they always do.

    There are also a few trails from place to place that will get you up into some great glassing area,one of witch I have personally took 2 7' and buddies taking one other 7' with a couple 6' in the bunch,we call it boar mountain.I cant give you the name of this trail,I would get shot by a few people.You just need some time on your hands and some drive to bushwhack up to them.Better hurry before the fall hits our you will have to climb alot higher for them berry bears...Good luck!!!


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      Kotton nailed the answer, i think.
      in spring i find black bears eating the new blades of grass coming ut on south acing slopes. Saw eight small guys this weekend.
      in fall I find black bear while they eat berries, often at shockingly high altitutes way above the mountain goats.
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      …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
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        Thank you both for the feed back, I am determined to get my first bear, then move on to other animals. Even though I haven't killed anything, I love everything about hunting. Thanks again


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