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  • Way up north

    Leaving tomorrow for Anchorage. Quick stop in Eagle River then on down to Goose Bay for Black Bear and fishing. Good luck to all this season!!

  • #2 not know where you are from....but hope your Goose Bay Black Bear trip is successful. In my experience, Fishing LESS and hunting MORE will result in a bear kill. Others may disagree based on their successful "multi-tasking" hunting/fishing adventures. After your hunt, please report back to the forum on what went right and what didn't go as planned.

    But I only know one way to hunt successfully. (Successfully meaning a bear gets dead and I don't get dead.) Hunt as though you are being hunted. Hunt like your life depends on it.

    Imagine (It's easy if you try)
    …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
    (Whisper words of wisdom) Let It Be


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      I live down toward goose bay and haven't seen a bear yet, but a dog disappeared a short time ago. I am sure I will see all the predators my new home has to offer as soon as I put up the chicken coop.. I don't think they will try for the horses though, but chickens should be an excellent predator call.


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        Unless we are talking about a different place entirely..


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