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An intro from another newbie anxious to visit

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  • An intro from another newbie anxious to visit

    I'm a new member here and I hope to learn and get advice from those sportsmen that live in Alaska for a future hunting/fishing trip. Forums are an excellent way to try to get to the nitty-gritty of things. I've spent my life in the lower 48 yet I have spent a good amount of time in rural locations in NewEngland and have a very deep and profound respect for Mother Nature. The best times of my life have been pursuing waterfowl and upland game, hunting the whitetails, along with years worth of trapping muskrat, mink, beaver, otter, etc.. A taxidermist that I apprenticed with years ago before he relocated to Maine took a trip to the Brooks Range and it helped to confirm that I need to visit your beautiful state! I'm thinking the brooks range might be too far north for me at this point but I'm open to all suggestions.
    Visiting Alaska has been put on my "bucket list" of things to do. I just turned 58 and have copd and recently learned I have a stage 2 cancer so I want to make sure I visit while I still can. I've led a good life and not searching for any sympathy but I mention my condition in hopes that you take me seriously while offering appropriate suggestions.

    It's very hard to say what I'd like to do there with all of the options that are available. I ideally would like to combine both fishing and hunting while experiencing Alaska's grandure for a 1-2 week stay. Here are some of my thoughts:

    -In general, my stay there in a cabin rather than a tent. I want isolation rather than being in a group although I realize a guide might be there with me. I saw on another post about state cabins and the fly-in option and that sounds like a great possible choice.
    -Big game for either type of bear and also moose. I'd love to see the carribu herds but the elevation might be too much. I'd need a guide to help with field dressing and my harvests shipped back home for my consumption and to share with family members.
    -Ideally combine some good fishing with the hunt. I haven't flyfished in years but used to do it in the NE streams for the trout. I also lived in FL for a while and have done the salt water fishing quite a bit. Some nice lake trout would be great to catch, and also the option of jigging for the big botton dwellers.

    I'd appreciate feedback from any that have suggestions to help me narrow down the possible options. Thanks!

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    Some dates would be helpful. Most of the hunting for Moose here is in the fall.


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      Arrival date isn't of any major concern except to give me the time to prepare adequately for the trip, and to hopefully combine both hunting with fishing. Thanks for your reply


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        If I was you I would get an outfitter for a fly out moose/caribou hunt. You may not get a cabin but don't think you would be disappointed with their tents. Most can get you into some fishing if you have time. In two weeks you should be able to get a 10 day moose hunt and still do some fishing, even charter for halibut.

        On the other hand if you time it right, you might catch catch the migrating caribou along the Dalton Hwy, haul rd. Many more ideas from lots more knowledgeable people but thought I would kick in my two cents.


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          Marko, thanks for the imput. What you describe sounds great. I have no problem with a tent and in a way that might even be nicer. I'll research that area you mentioned. I really have no idea how difficult it would be for me to try to combine all that I'd like to do but I'm sure I'll have a fantastic time regardless. Thanks again.


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            Spend 5 nights camping on the Denali highway from Paxson and ending up in Cantwell/Denali Nat'l Park. If you could only do one thing I would say either that, or something in Prince William Sound.
            Alaskan expat, civil engineer, FAA consultant.


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