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Black Bear in Hope

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  • Black Bear in Hope

    has anyone been to Hope this year? i have been out twice and have not seen any bears...i was on Palmer creek road. i am going to try Resurrection creek trail later this week...this is my first ever bear hunt, so most of it is guessing... what time of day is best?

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    Was down south this weekend with the family and spotted 7 of them. Only 2 were by themselves without cubs and they were way up high just short of snowline. One was at the hope cutoff by itself (Safe across river) and one was just east of Kenai lake. Time of day didnt matter, if they are up and about you will see them only in the clearings as the brush is just so thick everywhere. My plan without the family would have been spotting the night before and stalking the next day as I noticed they are staying around the same areas right now until other feeding spots green up a little. The hard part is getting down wind and into a shooting lane to be able to get the shot off. Trail Lake was still frozen over as was Kenai lake. Good luck


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      A week or two ago we hiked the south end of Resurrection Trail from Cooper's Landing. There were tons of bunny (mmm, stew) rabbits hopping about. We saw fresh black bear tracks (we figured 1-3 days old) running right along the trail for about 1/2 a mile along one of the south facing slopes. There were soft muddy patches. We assessed it to be a young to middling boar based on the tracks.

      So... at least some of them are up and at 'em!


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