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First blackie this spring (may 6th)

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  • First blackie this spring (may 6th)

    Well after alot of hikeing and failed stalks we finally had things go are way.We headed out of town at 6:00 after work,we finally found one at 9:00.It didn't look to be a big one but decided to take a closer look thanks to the new 3 bear limit.

    Bye time we got on to were we thought he would be he was no were to be seen.I was starting to think another one slipped us yet again.About 20 minutes went bye and I started to move around for a better view.He must have heard me as he came out of a alder thicket and stared right at us.

    After I told john he wasn't very big,He said But it sure looks tasty!We watched him for about ten more minutes as he started to feed again.He finally was broadside in the middle of the clearing when I ranged him at 245yrds.

    John was first to shoot and I the back up.We both found a solid rest upon the alders we were laying in.Boom!! Johns .300 reported.The bear went head over heals and at a full run in a flash.He finally stoped and gave me a chance,I gave him a round and down he came tumbling towards us.

    We had him down at 10:45 it was dark as soon as we got the hide off of him,it sure did make a fun time geting the meat off the bone and one fun time coming of the steep alder infested hillside.He wasn't the biggest 5'8",but he sure is gonna make some great jerky!!Well we are off to go and see if we can't go chase another one tonight.

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    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us, with the forum. I have been wondering when you were gonna connect! Sounds like a fun hunt. Your hero-hunt stories are always real and worth looking forward to reading.
    The picture looks like a bigger bera than 5'8".
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      Looks healthy and tastey, great catch!:topjob:
      If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

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        I don't believe the three bear limit will start until next regulatory year or July 1st, then your limit starts over anyway. Good job on getting one down early.


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          Congrats on a great bear man. Way to get it done in just the short time frame after work!!


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            Great job! Thanks for sharing. On a side note, whoever tagged the bear is finished for this spring in any 1 bear unit. The new limit doesn't kick in until July 1. Hate to see someone get a ticket over that!


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              Good Bear...Good Story
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                Very nice!


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                  Nice bear.


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                    Way for you and John to get it done, Kotton. Craving a bear roast or bear burger about now, enjoy it!
                    Mark Richards


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