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    first blackie

    took him yesterday not a monster, came out to 58" but he's still a trophy to me. didnt even have a chance to get in the stand he was there eating when we got there made for a short but exciting hunt.Click image for larger version

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      Seldovia black bear

      We were headed home when the woman yelled "bear!"; he was poking his snoot out of the trees so I snuck up to about 30 yards and got him through both shoulders. He never knew what hit him; ran about 10 feet and expired in less than a minute. Four hours later he was skinned, quartered, hung, and I was in bed.
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        Spring Black Bear 2009

        I ran my first bait stand this year and we ended up taking two nice Black Bears. My brother shot a 5'6" boar with his bow which was his first bear. Two days later I took out a 13 yr old boy and he shot about a 6' 4" Boar with a rifle also his first bear. I had a Sow Brown bear and two cubs pretty much take over the bait toward the end of the season. Not cool... We had a good time and I learned a ton for next years Spring hunt. Its my turn with a bow next year.....
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          Black bear

          Second black bear I took this spring, shot it with the bow at 21 yds spot and stalk.. 100 gr muzzy did the trick.. skull green was 19 14/16 and hide squared 7'4"

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            My Bou

            did the chicken hunt for the second time. and we all tagged out

            my bull

            back at camp with all four bulls


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              Sheep Down!

              Sheepshape365 and I teamed up on the DCUA walk in hunt to bring out this fella. Shot opening morning at 9am. Right side broomed, left side 37. Single Shot at 165 yards with a Kimber Montana 7mm WSM. The walk out took two full days.
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                Brooks/ANWR Caribou

                Jim Swindler guided with Deltana Outfitters. First location we had 85 degrees, bugs, and almost no game so they moved us near some ice where we got these guys just before the snowstorm...

                First hunt for both kids.
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                  First Bou

                  So went up on the Steese for my first bou hunt. The weather on Sunday went from windy, cold and fog/clouds to blue skies and semi warm out. Bou moving about and spirits were high. Up Monday morning to fog and rain and more wheelers then bou. Finaly spoted a herd for ourselves and after a little bit of a stalk I killed this bull. Not the biggest but the first dosn't need to be. Had a great time with great friends and loved the area. What a great state with vistas like that....
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                    Sheep Hunt 2009
                    Here is my husband's sheep for this year.
                    Broomed on both sides.



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                      thought I would share the finished product. This was from last year, but I just got it back from the taxidermist.
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                        North Slope 'Bou

                        Taken 8/11/09. We got snowed on the first day (the sheep hunters above us were miserable), but then 4 straight days of hot weather. Great Trip.
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                          Just a little guy, but that made him easier to pack out. Solo 1-day hunt, found him at 3,700' with two cows and two calves. Two hour stalk, as there was virtually nothing to hide behind. Just over 12 hours round-trip from my truck.


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                            2009 Alaska Range Ram!

                            Did this hunt solo, and it was pure adrenaline! had to penetrate deep into the mountains, what was nice was...I was the only soul in there...


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                              Heres another angle of the Ram

                              He's estimated to be 11-12- years old and 39 7/8 to 41 5/8 (depending on measurements) had several people measure and got different numbers. We'll see what F&G says...


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                                One last pic

                                This sheep has everything, Mainly great Mass!!!, Great horn length, and Flair, and last but not least...Age!!!


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