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    I've never float hunted before, figured I would give it a try this fall. I was thinking about the Chena or chatnika. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Not really trying to be a smart but however your first step is a good one both systems have water. I know I know that was bad. Both have ample use and power boat use. With the price of Gold being high even the upper Chena i.e. around the V. Bar has seen an increase in usage. That is not to say if you were to say drop in at 38 mile CHSR and float down to the flood control dam you would not see moose there are lots. Logistics says the Chena is easerier than the Chat IMO. eitherway its a start. Do you homework look for the places Moose are suppose to be i.e. back sloughs, high ridges etc.... and you might just be suprised. You U have access to FWW land you might consider the South Fork down to Rose Hip as well.


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      Chatanika and hunt the wee hours of the day and nights. start as high as you can access and float slowly. Call by breaking sticks every other bend. thrash as often as you can. take out at Elliot after 10 days. hunt slowly, camp often. expect smaller bulls but worth it. more people on the chsr routes. fewer bulls too.

      good luck.


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