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Put in for the Tanana downstream of Fairbanks

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  • Put in for the Tanana downstream of Fairbanks

    I drew a cow tag for DM684, which is between "The Two Rivers" north of the Rex trail extending north to the Tanana. Even though it is a short section of river that I can hunt (about 5miles) I would rather do the float, set camp, then access the area via the Rex.

    My question is about finding a put in well downstream of Faibanks. The takeout will likely be Nenana. Any suggestions?

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    the only spot i know is accessible to launch on the Tanana River around Fairbanks is at the boat launch off of Chena Pump rd. You can put in there and take-out at Nenana. The toal float time from that launch to the take-out is 11 hours.


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      There used to be 2 more river access sites downriver from FAI, both off of the Parks Hwy. The first was just past the west end of the Old Nenana and Parks Hwy and the second was West of Skinny Dick's, or past Skinny D's on the way to Nenana. Both accesses are logging roads and can be rough. The one nearest to Skinny Dick's is about 12 miles down to the river if memory serves me correctly.
      Neither location is a launch. You'll likely not be able to trailer a boat down there and launch it. You should be able to inflate a boat and get it over the bank and into the water.
      It's been a long time since I've been down to the end of either road, so hope my info is still accurate. It may take a bit of exploring to find what you are looking for.
      DNR controls woodcutting in that area between FAI and Nenana. They should have maps of the roads and likely might show which goes to the river. There are some corporate lands but I think they are further toward Nenana.


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        The two places mentioned by AK River Rat between Fairbanks and Nenana are still viable just a littel bit of work and as advertised they are more like places you can access the Tanana.

        Good luck on your hunt


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          The Chena pump launch, I woud say, is your best option. I see you're fairly new to the forum, Have you river experience? Namely muddy, silty, churning, nasty, scarey, ugly, wants to suck the life of all that enters it, river experience? I had many years on Michigan rivers prior to coming to Alaska. The Tanana is no joke! Get lots of time on it prior to the hunt. You'll need the experience. Good luck!

          I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.


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            Thanks for the input! I appreciate that you took the time to reply.

            Your right iceman, the Tanana is a demanding river to float. I did a similar float two years ago on the Tanana from the Big Delta area down to the Salcha area and the river demands your constant attention. I plan on floating it before the hunt, and scouting the put-in(s) and take-out you all suggested, as well as scouting the hunt area its self.


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              Likely if you are looking for those spots from the water, you'll miss at least one. Again, go to DNR and ask to look at the maps for the logging areas in the Tanana State Forrest, from Rosie Creek to Nenana. I think for what you want, the access just past Skinny Dick's 1/2 Way Inn is the place you'll want. The float will be much shorter to get to the area you are looking for.
              If you do make the float for grins, there is a cabin below Rosie Creek. A family used to live there year around and still might. I think one of the spots is just below there. The problem will be though that you will still have a hard time finding where the loggin road and Parks Hwy meet.


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