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Float hunting the Melozitna River for moose?

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  • Float hunting the Melozitna River for moose?

    Just found your site today and I think it's great. I am a member of the Michigan-Sportmans Forum in my home state also. Myself and a friend are planning a float hunt for moose on the Melozitna River, starting down from the Little Melozitna River. This is being set up through Alaskan Quest. I have hunted brownbear in Alaska, but not moose. Just wondering if anybody had any experience hunting Unit 21C on that river. Thanks for any replies.

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    Well first off welcome to the Forum and never admit your from White Cloud! Maybe Fruitville or Newaygo but White Cloud? Ok sorry! Couple of question first being do have an Air Transporter in mind and have contacted one? I am under the assumption you're planning on accomplishing this Hunt in 2011 so time is important. I would also contact Brian Richardson, Larry B. Prinstine Ventures and a Must is Mike S. the owner of this web site. Mike and Larry are hunt trip planners and do offer some free advise.

    I would also contact Don Young Fairbanks ADF&G and ask him who is responsible for Game Management for Moose in that area.

    One of the items you will have to consider is limited access points on certain parts of the river. The place tends to lend it-self more to float plans for drop off and pick up.

    I have renters who use the river now and again after you enable your Private Message I will shoot you some notes.

    I know I did not help much and provided you no data concerning the river sorry.

    Best of Luck and Welcome from a former Michigander



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      that would be a sloooooooooooooowwwwwww float if you are talking about the area I have been. Grumman canoes with a motor and call in the float plane when you have a moose down. The falls keep the pressure off the river not jet boat accessible. Big moose in there just a long ways out and most pilots might not want to land on the river unless they have done it before. Amber water, lots of beaver and mosquitoes.



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        Blue Moose
        How do I enable my private messages, cannot figure it out. You are right, I should never admit I am from White Cloud.


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          We have a bush pilot that will be flying us in with a float plane. Kent Frazier from Alaskan Quest is who we are setting this up through. I purchased his services through an auction at our local SCI convention last spring. He lines up everything for us (floatplane, raft, topo maps, list of things to bring, food list, ect.). Our hunt is this Sept, 2011. No matter what, I still try to do my own homework on the hunt. I did see a video on the same hunt location that two other hunters and Kent took on that river and can see that it is a slow river. Our plans are to have the moose flown out as soon as possible if we shoot one. We will be getting our raft through Test the Waters in Fairbanks. I am contacting the people you guys suggest I contact regarding the area. Again, thanks for the info, I can tell this forum has a great group of guys already.


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            Brownbear2 if you have a chance please call 907-460-7758 that is my cell if you wish. If there happens to be a Web Mod viewing when BB2 set up his account he choose not to receive PM's or has not posted enough for that feature would you please assist him in allowing that function to be available. Conerning your raft rental if you don't mind what exact boat does TTW plan on renting you for the trip? It would be an interesting option considering your river of choice. Weight will be one of the considerations with your air transport.

            I visited the Web site Alaskan Quest interesting they are getting into Self Guided hunts and hunt planning.

            Larry B., Mike S. or Brian R. do you happen to know this gent?

            I hope and trust you have a great Michigan day! Save a Steelhead or two for me back home when I visit this Spring.


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              BB2 thank for the phone call. As per our conversation I would also incude Mike's book into your reading list it is available via this web site Float Hunting Alaska Wild Rivers. Your rental is appropriate for the location you plan on floating by the sounds of it two coolers and oar saddles will be your options and although sometimes not comfortable it is a good match to save on weight. Please remember to double check with your air transportor and the type of craft they will be utlizing to bring you in and out cost can be a Bummer if you know what I mean.

              If you have a lay-over in Fairbanks look at staying at the Apline Lodge it is directly across from the air Terminal. Rates change with each passing day towards Fall. As said if you need help once your on the ground feel free to contact me I will try and help.

              If you need transportation while in Fairbanks look into renting the daily special from U-Haul you will find they normally provide a much better rate for the day then renting from a place such as AVIS, Budget etc...... that and you can put your harvested game in it :-)

              Stay safe enjoy the Spring Fishing and I just might take you up for a day of Walleye fishing! I hope your UWM Bronco's have a great CCHA tourney!

              Richard "Moose" Mousseau


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                Caution on BlueMoose.........Just want to caution you on working with BM, because once you work with him you won't want to give your business to anyone else.:topjob:

                Vegetables arenít food, vegetables are what food eats.


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                  I just wanted to add that BM provided our rafts, camp and wisdom for our float hunt last year and we were really pleased with his services and I would highly recommend him if you chose his service to work with.
                  Vegetables arenít food, vegetables are what food eats.


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                    Reread what I wrote and did not want to give the wrong impression. It is a beautiful area it is one of the only areas I have seen wolves, perigrine falcons, eagles, all on the same day. Have a good time, if you can get on the water right at first light and float you will see lots of moose.


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                      BM, it was good talking to you and thanks for the tips. I did order Mike's book (Float Hunting Wild Alaska) as soon as I got off the phone. I want to learn everything I can before my adventure. Also found out that the bush pilot will be back in Alaska 1st of April, then I can more details on our flight into the river. I also want to thank the other members for their post. Can't wait till September.


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                        Would be surprised if you could get dropped by float plane at mouth of Little melozi. River is kinda small and cury up there. I've flown the melozi during hunting season. Wasn't exactly quiet there, tho that was in the 90's. It gets more pressure, or used to, than one would suspect. Pretty wild country when no one is around.
                        Curious who your bush pilot is?? How far you going to float?
                        I know folks who have taken jet boat up that river thru the rapids. Also spoke to a raft of 4 who floated thru the rapids.
                        The guy who took jet boat up is on this forum. He has a thread now about 22E musk ox. Goes by alaskachallenge. Maybe you can connect with him.
                        Several folks in Fbks have cabins or camps on the Melozi. Good luck.
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                        I have less friends now!!


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                          Glen Stout
                          I think that is how you spell his name.
                          He is the guy in Galena that is in charge of the area and does all the moose surveys.
                          State Fish and Game.
                          I see him at the check in at the Koyokuk and he is a wealth of information and a very good one to speak to.
                          water is a little to much iron for my taste in the Melozitna river, so a good carbon filter helps with the drinking of it.
                          It will not plug up a filter like a glacial river does, I boiled my water and then added crystal lite flavors to it, or made hot chocolate etc.
                          slow moving is right on, and requires some added paddling to help keep you moving.
                          A good GPS and a sat phone are great ideas.
                          there are some ponds/lakes along the river at different points that could offer some places to land a plane.
                          just know that it requires a certain depth of water and no Boulders in the lake for a pilot to land.
                          good maps are a must along with your GPS with Alaska maps in it.
                          You will find that the GPS will tell you on this river that you are on land alot of times when you are in the middle of the river, as the installed maps and GPS are not always on the dot.. The river is oft times shown 50 or 100 feet off. but close enough ..
                          Bugs are a big part of this area and take the nets.. I like the bug jackets that slip over your clothes, with good tight wrists to keep them from crawling up your arms.
                          Have fun
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                            I do not know the name of the pilot yet, but I have a topo map that has been marked where the pilot can land on the river. The first spot is below where the Little Melozitna enter the main river. My understanding is that this pilot has been in there before with his float plane. The pilot is in Mexico at this time and will return 1st of April to Alaska, when I know his name I will post it to see if any of you know him. My list of equipment to bring does include at least a head net, but I have a bugtamer jacket I will be bringing. I will contact Glen Stout for info on the area, thank you for the info.


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                              I now know the bush pilot that we are set up with, Rick Gold of Marina Air in Fairbanks. I see on his web site he does a lot of fly-in fishing trips. Anybody have any comments (good or bad) on the service. Thanks


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