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Pro pioneer motor mount?

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  • Pro pioneer motor mount?

    Has anyone used the SOAR motor mount with their pro pioneer? If so, what motor do you use with it (hp, shaft length) and would you recommend it?

    I can't seem to find any reviews of it and only see passing mentions on this forum and elsewhere. Its rather spendy so I'd like to see what people who have used it think before I purchase. Thanks for any help!

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    Well I went ahead and bought the motor mount and a long shaft (20") Mercury 4 hp for it. The motor mount frame pieces took a bit to figure out how they all go together. I also drilled and pinned several of the frame piece connections as recommended by the people at SOAR, and added a leash from the outboard to the boat in case the motor rattles loose.

    I took the setup out on the Chena River and ran the motor through its first couple hours of breaking-in procedures. A lot of weight had to be added to the bow to keep the boat from rearing too high out of the water and the back end swamping. Once it was balanced it ran nicely. The 4 horse was pretty slow for moving the boat upstream against moderate current. Definitely not suitable for going upstream on say the Tanana or Yukon, but OK for going upstream on slower rivers like the Chatanika or Chena.


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      This was interesting to read about, thanks for posting!

      I have been thinking about putting a small outboard on my Pioneer X-stream, as I get sick of rowing it across flat water into the wind, or, some rivers don't seem to be flowing and the wind pushes me upstream. There doesn't seem to be a commercially available option for the Pioneer X-stream. Or is there? Any ideas on how to go about mounting a small outboard on a Pioneer X-stream?


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        Here's a nice custom made one for a Levitator. Don't see why it wouldn't work for a Pioneer X-stream
        NRS appears to make a commercial mount also (link in post).


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          That's worth thinking about. I had seen the NRS one and had some concerns about how the stern would work out on the Pioneer X-stream. I should get to the bottom of that or make my own.


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