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Float hunt 2014 , moose down

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  • Float hunt 2014 , moose down

    This years float/Drag hunt was a success in many ways .
    This year included my Father n Law (74 years old ) and my wife's brother ( 15 years old ) both with no river rating experience just lakes .
    My father n law has talked about going Float hunting for the last 30 years , so he said this was the year .
    My wife and I have these float hunts down pretty good and we have a daily routine that works great for us and having two new floaters we knew we had our hands full . This was suppose to be a 9 day hunt that turned into 13 days , south Brooks range .

    We arrive at Wright air field already knowing we were tight on weight and sure enough we were 40 pounds over weight . I was freaking out as I did not want to cut any gear we had . My wife talked to the Pilot and said I was going to pull all of her hunting clothes and leave them to help on weight and she did not want to hunt naked !!!! He laughed and said no problem we have two flights in and 20 pounds over on each flight would not be a problem and he did not want her to hunt naked !!!
    I did make a Cardinal Sin on a weight issue before I left for this hunt and I paid the price for it , more later on this issue .

    On a side note on all our other flights in on previous hunts we had lots of wiggle room on weight .

    We arrive two days before moose season starts . Looking really forward to this hunt .

    This is the crew

    We are setting up our two rafts for this adventure A Sotar Radical and a Soar Pro Pioneer , getting ready .

    Lots more in a while .

    Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
    Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!


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    COME ON !!! I scrolled down only to read "Lots more in a while" LOL!! Looking forward to hearing the other half


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      I have done this creek three times in the past so I knew what I was getting into . The weather has always been in the high 30's high in the south brooks range this time of year and 50's lower in the hunt , not this time . The low the first night was in the 20's and this is the first time ever on any type of hunt that I froze all night long.
      This is the Cardinal sin I spoke about .
      I knew early on we were tight on weight and space so I thought I would leave my synthetic -20 sleeping bag at 8 pounds and go with a light down bag rated for 32 degrees and compressed to the size of a softball . I never take down on a river hunt just in case it gets wet and I never take any gear unless I test it first , I did not test that 30 degree bag and it was an epic failure to say the least .
      The first three nights were in the 20's and we had snow the first three days .
      I told my wife this bag was not going to work for me , it's not like I can go to the store and get a new bag or my old bag at home !!!!
      The second night I put about every piece of clothing I had on including my fleece jacket and hat .
      That almost worked if it wasn't for the fact I felt like a burrito , that bag was tight and I could not roll in it plus I had to have my wife zip it, it was so tight .
      On the third day my wife took our two bags and zipped them together and that was the ticket , that night i was warm at last .
      I broke my own rule of taking untested gear on a hunt and I paid the price for it .

      The first two days on the creek we made 4 miles due to the many trees across the creek . I think we cut 20 trees out of the way to get our rafts through . Seen a lot of Caribou and watched 5 wolves on a hill side , four black and one grey one . They were chasing each other around for about 15 minutes un till they smelled us and all of them sat on their haunches and stared right at us .
      One by one they stood and trotted off into the woods following the caribou that came through the day before .

      The fourth day went well until we stopped for the night . We made camp and it started to rain and rain and rain .
      All night long it rained hard woke to a swollen raging river that was a creek the day before .
      We had to wait it out for two days to let the water recede enough to be able to navigate it .

      Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
      Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!



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        Camp was set up well . While waiting we called for moose and was able to get a couple cows to come in but no bulls and fishing came to a halt .

        Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
        Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

        USS SARATOGA CV-60


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          nice float pics, Ranger. Got to love that "south Brooks Range" trip. Too bad that strip got washed out this year. What ever will you do now...?

          manage to shoot a moose this year?



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            Hey Larry good to hear from you .
            You must of talked to the pilot !!! Yes you could say it was a bumpy ride indeed , the pilots brakes worked well as we ran out of landing strip , the landing was like a Disney land ride .
            The second flight in was more dramatic as the pilot touched down the right tire went into a big washed out rut and the wing just about hit the ground he throttled hard and brought the wing up only to have the same thing happen to the other side of the plane .
            That pilot said never again would he come to that place .

            As for the next float hunting trip ??? There will be none . My wifes health is not that great at the moment and she can not do another hunt , this last trip on the river took it out of her.
            I am going to sell the Radical fully loaded . I will keep the Pro pioneer for my Grandkids , that Pro Pioneer raft is used many times during the summer .

            Now a little more on the hunt.
            Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
            Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

            USS SARATOGA CV-60



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              We got back onto the water again still a bit swollen but doable .
              The next couple days was river miles . My father n law kept lagging behind because of the good fishing spots , grayling was good to us .
              I tried to keep the rafts with in eye distance but that did not work out well .
              I did not see them for a while so we waited , hour later they showed . Got back onto the river same thing happened , again we waited and waited and waited , no show .
              Told my wife we need to find a spot for the night , took another hour to find such a spot.
              We got camp all set up fire going and food cooking.
              The sun was setting and still no raft . It got dark and I told my wife they will not be here tonight , they either let the time slip by while fishing or they got a moose .
              We went to bed and was up very early getting the fire going again and coffee on still no father n law .
              They finally showed up at one in the afternoon with a moose , most of it any way and an Alaskan story .....

              More tomorrow

              Here is a small northern pike, grayling and a sheefish .

              Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
              Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

              USS SARATOGA CV-60



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                "More tomorrow"???! That's just downright inconsiderate!

                The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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                  Love the pics, and you sir are an absolute tease! I'm a big fan of the basecamp water filter. Had mine hanging from the oar tripod a couple times too.


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                    And then...


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                      And then...tomorrow turns into 4 weeks...nice float, camping & fishing pics tho.


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