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Float hunting in 20A

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  • Float hunting in 20A

    I was drawn for a moose hunt in 20A this year. The northern boundry is the REX trail with the western boundry the Nenana River and south past Healy.

    I am aware that the Nenana is quite a rough river and probably only should be floated by experienced rafters. My question is Healy Creek floatable and suitable for float hunting? I also believe the Nenana has about 38 miles south of Healy that is Class I and II water that has the ability to be float hunted. Any views on this area, these rivers/creeks and any ideas on how to float hunt this area. By the way I have a 16 foot Cat that I would be using.

    Thanks for the help -- I love this forum

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    LOL sorry for jumping twice. No to Healy Creek nope nope nope sometimes it dry. Don't let anyone pull your leg about the lower Nenana it can be brutal tons of braids and tons of Sweepers. You know a great person to contact concerning the Nenana from point A to point B is Jim R. at Denali Rafting Adventures. You can look him up by just adding the WWW infront of the company name. Jim is an outstanding person and is a wealth of knowledge concerning most of the Nenena river.

    You can skip trying to Float the Tec, Tat and Totat as well way to skinny of water and way to many logs IMO.

    Best wishes


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      This sounds like a tough area for decent class One floatable rivers.
      I am sure there must be a nice quiet river in your draw area that will work..
      When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

      Rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, boats serving the Kenai canoe trail system and the Kenai river for over 15 years.


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        I spoke with Jim a few minutes ago and from Ferry Trail bridge down to the Rex Bridge the river is not as bad as the section from the Rex Bridge down to Nenana. I hunt the back side of facing north of the Rex Bridge now and again and have picked up many of canoe in route off of 17 mile slough. As stated give Jim a call when you have the chance he said he would share what he knows.


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          How would the float be form the denali highway to the widy river bridge


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            I floated the Nenana one year from the bridge north to town in a canoe.. the first year they opened it for cow hunts. I was actually glad I didn't kill a moose. The river moves pretty good with plenty of sweepers. Fine without weight, would have been tricky with a moose on board.


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