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    Anyone know the difference in the 401 jet ranger to the 430 jet ranger? looking at the spec sheet i see 1' of difference in lenght, 30lbs heavier & 300.00 there something else i'm missing or is that 1' really worth it?

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    I think the extra foot is nice, but you are right, it may not be worth the extra money to some.
    mine is the 430 model and I am always cramped for space when I use the boat for hunting and taking a spike camp and one other person in the boat.
    Its a narrow boat, and you fill it up pretty fast with just a few items, like your fuel tank, cooler, tent, sleeping bags and camping gear etc if you are ever going on and overnighter.
    On the other hand, if used for day tripping with nothing more than your fishing poles and a few items, the smaller boat may be the ticket.
    Give Jim King a call and he can give you more info than I can.. I have only used the 430 so far myself.
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      The longer one was designed for a 4 stroke 25 hp, which is heavier and the smaller raft is made for the 2 stroke 25 hp.

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