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Float hunting the big su

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  • Float hunting the big su

    Does anyone ever hunt the big su for griz? I'm planning on making a weekend trip with my dad. He and I want to try one with a bow. I would just like to know the bear population in that area from the willow up to the yetna. If anyone has any info just pm me if you don't mind. Also how is the river through there(is it slow running or pretty rough water)? Thanks

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    Last year while launching at the Deshka Ldg, some guys brought in a rather Large, and quite dark Grizzly.. They said they got it on the river bank less than 4 miles above the landing.. We have seen a nice looking Griz on the North side of the River going out of the Deshka Ldg, before we even got to the first corner...


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      Had a friend whack a spring grizz off the Big Su last year while out burning gas on a shakedown run with his boat after ice out.
      He lives a few miles north of Willow. Saw the bear right before dark exiting the river on an island. He did a one man drive of the island while the family waited in the boat, no bear came out. When he fired up the boat the bear came out of the brush and he got a shot at it then.
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