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    How does everyone store there broadheads? I am currently using the plastic packaging and hate it. Does anyone have and good methods? I was thinking about just using some cheep foam but I am worried about rust. I was also considering converting a fishing box by attaching magnetic striping to prevent them from rattling around. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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    Plano makes a little 6 slot box thats perfect. I know Muzzys and G5s fit not sure what esle. But they are snug enough in there not to rattle. I haven't had any problems with rust but if you are worried about just throw some silica packs in there :topjob:
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      If you have extra arrows I leave them on in my arrow case or bow case and shoot my other 6 for target pratice


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        My son started me on this method. I start with a round Tupperware container about 4 inches in diameter. I place some soft blue foam insulation in the bottom and then push the broadheads into in with the point down. I number the positions based on the arrow, also numbered, on which they were mounted and spun. I next place a very thin piece of foam sheet on top over the threaded ends to keep them in place. The cap is then snapped on and I can carry them in my hard bow case when transporting my bow by airlines, or off season, etc.


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          I like to store a broad head in a moose or a caribou, maybe someday even a sheep


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            I have used 35mm film canisters before.
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              I do something similar to driveacub, but I use a small plastic storage box.

              When they go in my case, though, they also have a rubber band or two holding the container closed. Hate for that sucker to get bounced open and have a broadhead roaming free near my string!


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                Rifle cartridge holder works for me.

                I've struggled with this problem myself as I need a very compact, light solution that is safe. This year I am going to try using a plastic case that would normally hold 20 rifle cartridges. I've found that you can put them in the holes point up and stagger them. My broadheads are three bladed, and none of them touch. It holds eight heads. To keep them from rattling I'll cut a thin piece of foam and put it in the lid. A couple wide rubber bands, or those rubber wrist bracelets will hold the top on the box nicely. It my not work as nicely with a four blade head. The box shown in the picture is for a "small rifle" (7mm-08). You may be able to try out the different sizes at the store and find one that suits your needs.

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