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spring bear shoot?

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  • spring bear shoot?

    I was working so I did not get to go. How did it go? How much fun did I miss? Are the scores posted anywhere?

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    Spring Bear went very well! Honestly, it was one of the best 3D courses I have shot in Ak. We had a pretty good turnout, the weather was good, and everyone had a blast! The scores will be posted soon on


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      We need more 3D shoots I don't buy the whole well it is close to Bear season and Salmon season if you have them people will show up to them


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        What club are you a member of 323? Give it a shot if you want to see more shoots. Honestly, we have tried summer time 3D's and field shoots and the turnout has been abysmal at best. It's really tough to lay out a course and only have 12 people show up. The last summer field shoot (other than the state shoot) I went to only had 6 people show up and the idea pretty much folded after that point. I'd love to see it also, but honestly I have 10 to 12 weekends from snow melt in May through opening of archery moose in the fall. Two good weekends removed for king fishing, two removed for bear hunting in the spring, one removed for mother's day, one removed since there is already a 4th of July shoot, and one removed for silver fishing leaves me with 5 weekends to do all my summer chores...and you can count on rain for those weekends ruining your plans.

        I missed the Spring Bear for one simple reason. I had to paint the outside of my store. After last year with one weekend it didn't rain, I decided that I'd better paint while I could. I am just like the majority of guys that would come to a tournament. I love archery, but I love hunting and fishing more.

        Couple these facts with the fact that 90% of archery shooters wouldn't be caught dead actually improving their skills on a 3D course and you have a no-win situtation. I really hate to be negative, but I've beat my head against the wall for 10 years up here trying to improve archery and got nowhere. I finally became a N.A.S.P. instructor and bowhunting ed instructor to not let my energy go to waste.
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          I was a member of the club they brought back last year here in the valley, but the fella who started it back up he is now in Soldotna at that sportsman warehouse. I love 3D shoots one of the few things where I will give up my sunday Nascar watching LOL. While shooting this weekend I got the wild hair and now looking at the new 2011 bows trying to decide what to get I like the looks of the new Martin Silencer. Last new bow I bought was in 08 when I was shooting 3D shoots almost every weekend in Arizona. One of the things I enjoyed with our club in Arizona was setting up the 3D course usually 2-4 of us could set it up on a Saturday we would go mark the course drive stakes and day of the shoot show up early and put targets out, but sometimes we set the course and targets on a saturday.


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