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I need archery items

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  • I need archery items

    Looking to by archery accessories. I have 2 new bows and need to get them up and shooting. I need 2 rest's please no whisker bisquits or octane hostage's.Would consider tm hunter type NAP quicktune 1000 type rest or drop away type, 2 Wrist sling's, 1 stabilizer, 1-2 dz 400 or 5575 carbon arrows and possibly an release.
    If you have items you bought then upgraded and want to sell the other please contact me.
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    Have you tried going to Full Curl Archery on Old Seward Hy south of Huffman? They just about everything you could need. Dave and Joni are great to deal with.

    If you are looking for used items you might try Might take a bit of looking as a lot of people want new or close to new prices for their used gear but you can find deals if you do some searching.



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      I forgot the most important question, what kind of bows did you get?


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        Yeap I been in there a few times. I love the video shoot. Yes Dave and Joni are awesome folk. I am looking for used items at used prices right now, if I cant find anything I will just hit up the stores to keep it local. I got a Bowtech Commander and a Guardian.


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          I could make you some wood arrows, but that prolly wouldn't work to good outta a compound bow.
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            your right FFG but thanks for the offer


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