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Aerial archery! WOOO HOOOO!

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  • Aerial archery! WOOO HOOOO!

    First off, thanks to all who offered advice on recurve selections etc. Been shootin for a few weeks and have so enjoyed it, target groups are coming together but consistency is still developing.

    BUT, I put together some spiral flu flu arrows and got together with a buddy yesterday to try some aerial shooting. Being out in the sticks and not sure if I could hit the broad side of a stationary barn much less a moving one, I was looking for a cheap alternative for targets compared to the foam ones offered at several sources (plus shipping). Well, I have just two words.....BUCKET LIDS. I picked up a half dozen five gallon bucket lids from the local variety store and we headed out to the tundra with our recurves and flu flu's. We are working on a thrower design but for now we just chucked em up in the air about 10 yards out and obviously keeping safety in mind, went at it. It only took about four throws before someone connected and and by the end of our session (in a blizzard with a 15 mph wind no less) we were hitting about 2 out of 5 throws and lots of nearly as gratifying near-misses.

    I am flippin hooked, I love archery overall, from arrow making to compound target shooting, to hunting, but this was absolutely awesome. We had my spirals and my buddy had 5 feather straight flu flu's. His went about 100 yards but the spirals parachuted down just 50 yards out, not sure what the impact difference on a bird would be, but both punched the arrows with field tips about 6 inches into the bucket lids but no obvious damage to the arrows. Hopin to do some more this weekend, and once weather gets good enough to draw out some less hardy souls, I see this being a fun and cheap alternative to trap shooting (which I find loud and expensive....and I suck at it).

    I know some other folks in AK do this, and thanks to the folks at Sportsman's of all places who gave me some good tips and encouragement that it is not impossible. Definitely looking forward to sitting over some decoys and trying this out. Even if I lose an arrow, it only takes four rounds of steel shot to make up for one lost arrow....and I think I average 5 shots per bird down.

    As said, I'm not sure on overall crunch power when a bird gets hit, I'm gonna tinker with single feather spirals today as the doubles lose velocity way fast, but definitely makes it easier to retrieve. My buddy's straight 5-fletch were trimmed down and had great velocity, but in the field I think I'd spend too much time chasing and losing arrows...more to come, gonna sweet talk my fiancee into being the thrower this afternoon.

    (after rereading this post, I realize it is full of potential off color jokes, so if that is your reply, ha ha, now let's move on )

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    Your inbox is full. I tried to PM this too you.

    What do you do in DLG? I grew up in Naknek/King Salmon, moved to the valley in 07. Still have my business in BB. Good report on the aerial shooting, I too shoot a recurve but haven't had a chance to hunt with it. My time would mostly only allow rabbit hunting in the winter. I just got a Poogle, beagle/poodle mix and want to get him to work rabbits for me this next winter. Look up on you tube arrow finder, it's a string that trails the arrow so you can find it in beach grass and alder. Just about time to look for spring geese...



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      I am using my clay pigeon thrower and a piece of 2" Styrofoam insulation. Trimmed one side of the Styrofoam down so that it fit fairly tight in the groove where the clay pigeon usually goes. About 50' of rope with a loop in the end that I can put my foot in to trigger it.


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