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  • broadhead tuning

    well i am getting ready for bear hunting and got my broad head groups down to were i think they are acceptable i am within 1 1/2in of a 3in target out to 40yds i made most of my movements with my rest but did have to move my 40yd pin up quite a bit because it was hitting high with my hunting heads from what i have read you should be able to make your broad head and field points hit the same spot mine does not i shot a field point at 30yds and it hit like a foot to the left and high is this a problem or is it always like that.

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    You shouldn't move your rest. When you move the rest it will alter the center-shot and the square of your arrow to the string.

    Your arrow needs to be square with the string. From the side, the center of your arrow needs to cross the riser at the same elevation as center of the burger button hole. Also, from above your arrow needs to travel along the same plane as the center of the riser. This can be done with a bow plane or similar laser tool.

    Smaller broad heads with less surfaces to plane will fly more true to the POI of your field points - providing that your bow is tuned properly.

    I have had success with slick tricks and ABC Sonics.


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      well i got it to were i am hitting a 3in sticker target at 40yd with my montecs but my field points are still hitting a couple inches to the left would you guys try to correct that or leave it as is.


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        That'll do.

        Most folks have a heck of a time shooting groups like that at 40 yds. As long as you know where your broadhead's impact the target you'll be good to go. I would make sure your right and left is not changing as you walk back from 20-40 yards. If it doesn't change, you're good.


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          ok i will check that in the morning thanks spartan


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            I've never found a definately answer

            I've been wondering this question for awhile it seems surrounded by controversy. Some say they should hit the same spot if every thing is broad head tuned and others say it's impossible. I'm getting a new string next week and am planning on spending lots of time trying to make the two hit in the same spot. My current setup gets pretty close to where I haven't had to change anything and they shoot decent. I am shooting 72lb draw on bowtech alliegence with 29inch arrows carbon express maximas with 100grain Magnus stingers and if my broad heads are all turned the same way it really seems to help.
            I'm sure you've already looked on archery but there is a lot of info on this subject.


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              Here is a good thread on broadhead tuning on AT
              What draw weight/drawlength and spine of arrows are you shooting? It also could be that your underspined. That was my problem with my Allegiance. I was shooting 60# and 5575 GT arrows, could never get them to tune with my BH. I switched to Easton FMJ .340 spine and now my BH and FP hit dead on with each other. Just a thought.


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                The only broadhead that will hit the same POI is a mechanical head! Sure some companies claim thier fixed broadheads will hit the same POI I have never seen it! So if you want to hit same POI use mechanical broadheads ie rage broadheads. I sighted my bow in with field points screwed in rage 3 blade broadheads and went deer hunting next day I shot a nice couse deer at 40 yds! Yes rule of thumb don't move your rest make the adjustment with you sight. But I use fixed broadheads up here, I got the NAP thunderheads shooting real good out to 60yds with my 82nd airborne.


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                  i got it i made a few more micro movements and my montecs have the same poi as my field points out to 40 now i gota take some arrows to the shop for re-fletching when you guys do it shoot the broadheads first. blaster i am shooting a z7extreme 72lb. 29in draw with goldtip 7595's and 125gr g5 montecs total arrow weight is 430gr.


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                    Glad you got it akscotty, sounds like a great rig you got. Nothing better than a bow that shoots your FP and BH the same, shows a well tuned bow.


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