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Archery at the Sportsman Show

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  • Archery at the Sportsman Show

    Went to the Sportsman Show at the Sullivan yesterday and it was great to see two Archery shops have booths there. Screaming Eagle was in the Sully and Full Curl was in the Ben Boeke. I can't remember every seeing archery shops there before. Both had nice displays with a sample of merchandise. Good to see the shops get the exposure. Be sure to to stop by their booths if you get the chance and thank them for supporting the archery community. Having a booth at the Sullivan is both very expensive and time consuming. A lot of hours go into the setup let only just being there during the hours it is open. They will spent a lot of time on their feet talking and get very little free to enjoy the show for themselves.


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    Yes it was very cool to have the archery shops out there at the Sportsmans show. Good people at both Full curl and screamin eagle!


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      I wanted to be there with Scream'n Eagle again this year helping out..but im recovering from surgery. Scream'n Eagle was there last year as well at BB.


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        Yes, It was awesome seeing them there both shops had very nice knowledgable people working too. Even got me pumped to go shoot at full curl yesterday.


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          I must have missed screaming eagle last year. Was there with the little ones so you can't take as much time and see every booth. Wish I was going back again today, but at $10 a head return trips get expensive, especially since I was spoiled for several years and got in for free and had free parking. Now I have to pay like everyone else


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            Don't forget the archery range for the kids. It has been there for years and is always a hit.

            My kids enjoy stopping by and taking some shots at the bears.
            Just a bitter Alaskan clinging to his guns and religion.....


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              I took my three year old little girl to the Archery Range for her first arrow flinging experience. After sinking two arrows into the bear target she asked if she could shoot a real bear now. Awesome! I think she's for a little pink bow (probably not the pink bow her Mom has in mind though).


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                I picked up the Fred Bear dvd's from the Screaming Eagle guys while I was there... holy cow, worth every penny, that guy was fearless and a bad ass hunter! Every bowhunter should check those videos out.


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