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  • ABA banquet

    I want to say thank you to all that attended. It was a
    Another great banquet . It was great seeing old friends.

    And not to forget to all our donors. Without them this would be possible

    Mark (Wiggy's ) thank you for helping us out
    With a great at the last Minute!!!!
    Living the Alaskan Dream
    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK

  • #2
    Great Time!!

    Awesome food and stories! It was great to meet a lot of great people and talk about bowhunting - all while raising money for a great cause!

    My wife has a blast! She's stil holding out hope for a door prize...:topjob:


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      Nice Event!

      Drove up From Moose Pass and really enjoyed the evening. I got to visit with Mr. Nelson for a few minutes, and he seems like a great guy. We'll attend again next year if you promise I'll win something. I should have keep bidding on the raft rental, the buyer got one heck of a deal!


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        Did anyone compile the results of the auction(s)? I am mostly interested in how much the Delta Bison was auctioned for, but if the others were available that would be great too!


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          Bison Tag

          The Bison Tag went for $6500...I have the others written down at home. Musk Ox went for $3100 I think.


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            Your welcome, Alaska Gray, and pleased to meet you.

            Wish I could have attended, but had company in town that I couldn't ignore.

            Maybe next year!




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              Thanks Spartan--gotta start saving more pennies or get luckier in the draws!


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                It was my first ABA banquet . . . I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all who worked to make it a success.

                The bows for the kids was a nice touch.

                I'll be back . . .


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                  I enjoyed the ABA Banquet this year and I think I prefer the Sheraton location too. The memorial for Pat McCabe was very nice. I got a kick out of Tom Nelson speaking on hunting camp horrors and bad partners. As I listen to him I became aware that in my life I have had by far more good partners in the field, than bad. In fact I can only think of two guys I would never consider going out with again. If I had felt better (dang flu) I would have loved to talk with Mr. Nelson about some of the "great" hunting partner we can have :-) The auction went great, but again I was quite amused at how little out auctioneer knew about archery...but he tried hard and he is a hunter as well...now we just got to get him into a bow (not the tie either). Thanks ABA
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