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New Indoor Range and Pro Shop in Fairbanks

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  • New Indoor Range and Pro Shop in Fairbanks

    I would like to let everyone know that Precision Archery will be opening a new indoor range and pro shop in Fairbanks. We will be located on the corner of Lathrop Street and Van Horn Road (one block east of the old Kings Nock Archery). The tenative opening date will be Monday, March 21. Our lease paperwork is currently in the works, so i will keep everyone updated here.

    We will Carry Hoyt, Mathews, Mission, and Martin bows, Easton arrows, as well as a full line of the most popular Accessories.
    Our goal is to have a fun, family friendly environment and the knowledge and customer service you expect from a pro shop.

    We will be building our inventory over these first couple of months, and I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone what products and brand names they would like to see on the shelves. Feel free to post any suggestions that come to mind.

    I look forward to serving the archery community, and fullfilling all of your sales and service needs.

    Andrew Wilson
    Precision Archery - Fairbanks

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    Congratulations on the new business! Look forward to meeting you and seeing the new shop.


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      Just to let people know, I know Andrew and he knows his stuff, he is the finest tournament shooter in the state. He is very knowledgable, especially when it comes to setting up bows, tuning, and shooting. When I need advise and help with my shooting or equiptment he is one of the guys I seek advise from, And I am not a beginner by any means. Good luck Andrew, I hope Fairbanks comes out and supports your shop. Harry Bates

      P.S. A few of the products I believe in, especially for hunting,

      B-Stinger, Trophy Taker, Ripcord, Spot-Hogg, Slick-Trick Broadheads, Carter releases, Scott releases, Simms Products, other good products....Montana Black Gold, Shuttle T, G3, NAP, to name a few.


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        Another vote for Andrew. He asbsolutely knows his stuff. I hope it goes really well for you. Next time I'm in Fairbanks I will stop by and visit. Doug Moore.
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          How long will the range be?


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            Looking forward to the shop opening up. Be sure to let us now what time the doors open, I'll clear my schedule. I have been having withdrawls! Make it 2 more thumbs up for Andrew and crew, that's where I'll be buying my archery gear. Look forward to seeing you guys in two weeks!

            Steve Shannon


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              Any plans for a video archery range? I think it would do so well in Fairbanks during the long winters.

              Congrats on the the new shop, a quality shop has been in need in the interior for a long time.


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                last time I talked with them its was gonna be a twenty yard range and no video range.


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                  Thanks for all of the encouraging posts. We are definately excited about getting our doors open as soon as possible!

                  We will have a 10 lane, 20 yard range with a couple of butts on rollers for kids and beginners. Unfortunatly, we will not have a Techno/Dart System. Maybe a few years down the road....


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                    Thats excellent news!!! Theres about a 90% chance i'll be moving up to fairbanks in May from the Peninsula for work. It will be great to have a nice, friendly shop to go to and shoot!

                    Personally, I love Elite archery bows. Best customer service and warranty that i've ever experienced. BUT your gonna sell the snott out of those mathews and hoyts!!

                    Products i shoot/believe in and would love to see on shelves: Vaportrail (limbdriver), spothogg sights, SWORD SIGHTS, QAD, ripcord, trophy ridge (whisker biscuit), easton, sims, posten stabilizers, b-stinger stabs, stokerized stabs, tru-ball releases, scott releases, shrewd grips, slick trick broadheads, NAP broadheads, magnus broadheads, G5 heads, Zwickey (judo's and traditional heads).. To name a few! Good luck with the shop, you'll be seeing me!


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                      Just a quick up date - Yes, we will be open for business Monday, March 21. Our hours will be:

                      Mon: 10am-9pm
                      Tues: 10am-9pm
                      Wed: 10am-9pm
                      Thurs: 10am-6pm
                      Fri: 10am-9pm
                      Sat: 10am-6pm

                      Come on by and check out the new place!


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                        Congrats Andrew! You don't have an excuse to not show up at Bear paw occasionally though.

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                          They opened yesterday! I shot at the range for a couple of hours. The shop looks good.
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                            were is the new place and do you guys have a techno hunt set up.


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                              Originally posted by akscotty View Post
                              were is the new place and do you guys have a techno hunt set up.
                              We are located on the corner of Lathrop St. and Van Horn Rd. Our address is 3501 Lathrop St, Unit B.

                              From the Mitchel Expressway, Turn South on Lathrop. Turn Left into our Parking lot, right before the stop light.


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