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  • 41 pound recurve...

    Here in Ohio it is legal for deer but how well do you all think it would work on game bigger than small game with good broad heads? Looks to be a sweet shooter and I am anxious to get it out at the club. I think the condo association would not like me shooting it off the back deck

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    Personally I think it is a little weak for deer and isn't legal in Alaska for the larger animals as 50# is the minimum for goat, moose, grizzly etc. I am actually surprised the 40# is OK for black tail deer, sheep, caribou etc but maybe that is just me. What, no sense of humor around your area??

    Alaska bowhunting regs


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      I shoot heavier bows but 41 is plenty for deer. I wouldn't even hesitate on Black bear. As for bigger animals such as moose and Brown bear even if it was legal I would want a little more.


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        Yeah really. I could shoot rabid skunks off my 3rd story deck. I am sure that would be short lived though...


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          Regardless if it's strong enough for hunting, you have to start somewhere. Archery is just like lifting weights. It's best to start low and work you way up to heavier weights. Just like lifting, you need to do it a few times a week to stay in shooting shape.
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            Fred Eichler from Easton Bowhunting tv has killed several large big game animals, to include 5 Alaska/Yukon moose, 2 grizzlies/brown bears and numerous elk with his 54# recurve. Alot of passthru's with that setup. Sharp broadheads and shot placement is everything. 41# will smoke a deer with the right arrow/broadhead and shot placement!! Also, by starting with a lower poundage, you will shoot it longer during practice sessions with less fatigue. Accuracy will improve and you'll condition yourself accordingly/properly. Lots of seasoned trad-hunters rarely go over 50# because they DON'T NEED to. Good luck...


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              Most native American bows pulled between 25-40 pounds and were used to harvest everything. 40 is enough for deer, black bear, caribou ect. Shot placement and broadhead prep are key to any humane kill. My wife shoots a 1963 Pearson Colt that is 45#, it killed several moose before the poundage limits were in place.

              Swampdonkey I and a lot of other guys shoot heavier bows than 50#, tons of self bow guys pulling 70+.
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