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    Arrows? I have three different bow mountable quivers. But, they make the bow heavy in the hand and provide more areas for the brush to grab the bow in alders and such. My preferred medthod these days is a simple Cat Quiver that holds six and I strap it to the outside of my backpack. I just get out one arrow for the final stalk.

    How does everyone else do it? Got a better medthod?

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    I love my hip quiver.
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      I mostly hunt the haul rd. for Caribou so I don't mind breakin' out the bow quiver so much, much easier then tryin' to stay low and getta arrow outta a hip quiver at the same time.

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        I think it all depends on the type of hunt your on. While on my haul roud trip this year, after I harvested my Bou my buddy put my bow quiver on his bow. It was much easier to make a stalk in the wide open tundra with the bow quiver on.

        But during my winter moose hunt it would have been great to have the option of somthing other than my bow quiver. I never thought about it until I was in the field. The weight never was an issue, but trying to be quiet in the frozen alders and your arrows catchs one and it sounds like you fell a tree.

        Anyway like I said it all depends on what type of hunt I'm on.


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          one arrow skookum

          I use the one arrow skookum quiver from 3rivers which works great for stalking and I carry the rest in a hip quiver that I throw into my day pack. I'm a stickler for quiet and this one arrow quiver is the ticket.


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            Traditional shooter...

            Sorry guess I should have stated I use this set up with my recurve...


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              I like both the back and hip style quivers. The hip quiver works well when your shouldering a pack and the back quiver is a great all around quiver, I often wear a fanny pack with it. Give them both a try.


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                Bow quiver for me .
                I have tried the others and always went back to the quiver mounted on my bow.

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                  Any experience with Keyes Hunting Gear?

                  "3D Quiver Pack is an integrated quiver in $70 backpack...


                  Not sure what the "cooler pocket" is about though...
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                    I carry my arrows on my bow with a one piece detachable quiver. When it comes time to stalk I might take it off and proceed with bow in one hand and quiver in the other...all depends on the situation.
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                      I have a couple bow quivers, also found they make my stickbows heavy....

                      I have a couple back quivers..and though I love them for everything, I DO NOT use them to hunt big game with. Keeping heads scary sharp is a pain in a back quiver (atleast for me on a remote hunt), and two, there is no place to wear my packframe AND a backquiver at the same time...I do wear them to the range, grouse hunting, or out stumping though I've had 1 of them since I started...the second is a little bigger better for bird hunting outings.

                      I've come to find that one of two quivers has worked the best for me up here..and everywhere I've had the opportunity to hunt.

                      My go to quiver is a chief side stalker quiver made by Jack's not a hip quiver, it's a side quiver, slung like a purse over my left shoulder and rides on my left hip, it can be slung like a backquiver, strapped to a pack, or worn in any config I've desired.

                      It is heavy though...and my light weight version is to take my great northern strap on longbow quiver...take the rubber straps off and run a piece of 550 cord to each mount and sling it sideways like my chief. It's SUPER light, you'll forget it's there, has the same mobility as my chief! it can however bend so becareful (the quiver, my wood arrows dont bend they break LOL and no I've never broken one in a quiver...yet). The main wire running from the hood to the rubber 'clip's' can bend if you're not careful, mine in transport..the nice thing is you can easily bend it back. This was due to heavy handleing at the airport.

                      I'll never change this's too perfect and keeps the weight off my longbows!!!


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                        good feedback on here.

                        I'm new to stickbows, and took a back quiver out a few weeks ago. Then it rained. The next day I was reading a quiver selection article in trad bowhunting magazine, where the author says "...back quivers... watch out for rust, as they can trap moisture on raining days..." - I dropped the magazine, went straight downstairs and spent the next hour honing and polishing the rust off my heads. I'm glad I caught it.

                        I also have a 3 arrow skookum bow-mount quiver. I just can't get used to it on my longbow. I'm tinkering with mounting it (point side up, so it doesn't catch water) on the rails of an external frame pack and see how that goes.


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                          Tight Spot...

                          I was sent a Tight Spot Quiver last winter to try out. I didn't want a bow mounted quiver, but this one has a quick detach system like no other, and hugs to the bow very tight, so it is less likely to get snagged. Check out the current Tight Spot Quiver thread on here for a future distributor for them.


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                            Great topic. I am going to go fight the alders again tomorrow and try and find 140 dollars worth of arrows, broadheads and quiver that I lost while I was wrestling with some alders last week. I feer I might not be able to find the stuff until the leaves shed off the trees and by then I wont be able to get my honda's propeller through the shallow water (sigh). It is good tracking practice though, I suppose


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                              Bow Quiver for me .I don,t mind the extra Wight at all :cool:
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