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  • question for long bow hunters

    what would you long bow hunters recommend for minimum weight for moose with a long bow..
    i am currently shooting a 53# custom made long bow with a 28" draw but i am pulling 29" so i think i am up around 56#..

    my arrows are 31" 5575 gold tip--
    broad head is 125 gr. 4 blade muzzy with two 5 gr. brass washers..

    this is my favorite bow and one i am most accurate/confident with..

    this set up will really do a number on elk out to 25yds.
    but i have some doubts that this will be enough on moose..

    i would like to know your thoughts on both bow and arrow set up..
    thanks tyler

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    Your set up should work fine with proper shot placement, sharp broadheads and you sound like you know your personal limitations on how far you should be shooting, etc. I shot my first moose years ago with a compound set at I believe 55 lbs and got a clean pass through on a broadside moose at about 20 yards. IMHO I also agree with your choice of broadheads for Moose. I've always shot Muzzy for moose and have had great results!

    You will probably hear a lot of different opinions on your set up, but I for one think you will be fine, escpcially if you keep your shots within your personal limitations. Good Luck!


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      sounds like a great set up. if i were to change anything it would be broadheads....not because they are bad actually the are.....
      "BAD TO the BONE" , really i just prefer cut on impact ( figuring they are not )
      i shoot similar set up with my recurves ( 55-57# ) that is plenty.....the muzzys will still do the job.....friend shooting old Bear recurve (53#) was shooting 4 blade Muzzy's arrowed a small bull with out problem.....6-7 yard shot, traveled 75-80 yards.


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        A lot depends on the design of the bow. some bows with your arrow might shot 185 fps, & some might only shoot 165.
        The main thing I would consider would be arrow weight & broadhead.
        I'd want an arrow that weighs a min. of 10 gr. per pound of draw weight (560+ in your case, & I have no idea what your arrow setup weighs) with the bh.
        With your draw weight I would also prefer a cut on impact 2 blade head or maybe a Wensel Woodsman 3 blade so you will be assured of plenty of penetration to get that offside lung, & hopefully a pass through for a good blood trail (it's always raining if I'm hunting). I carried the Woodsman this year but never got to try them.
        That said, it's all opinion.
        If you are hunting Shirus local that makes a difference too as they are a little smaller than the same age bull here.
        Vance in AK.

        Matthew 6:33
        "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."


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          thanks for the input
          i am really starting to feel good about this after reading these posts..

          what cut on contact blade would some of you recommend..
          i have used steel force two blades, and i really like the way they fly, but they seem to come apart way to easy.
          i am afraid if i hit a rib they would not hold up..

          i have also shot some B-52 by G5 also two blade they fly real nice too.
          they are the toughest two blade i have ever found and very!! sharp right out of the package.
          but i am still worried about bone with them also..

          i have never shot either at game before, but i have set up some deer and elk skulls, to see how they perform at 20 yards.
          the steel force would break almost on contact with very little penetration.
          on the B-52 the tip would break but still would get all the way through about 40% of the time..
          on the other hand them muzzys would just pound right through almost 100%
          of the time using the same blade over & over with out breaking..
          i am open to all sugestions, but it would be very tough to get me away from muzzys..

          i am going to head down to the bow shop in the very near future and shoot my bow through the chronograph, and try to find the heavist arrow set up that still performs well..
          thank you fellas for the input and your time
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            I also agree on the bh's.

            Your set up is fine IF and ONLY if you have perfect arrow flight, something to commonly overlooked in the stickbow world. As simple as it looks to be a traditional bowhunter, tuning a stickbow is leaps and bounds tougher then any wheel bow!!!

            I'd suggest Magnus 2 blades or zwickey Eskimos.

            I've shot 2 blade eskimo's for 15 seasons, have shot moose, sheep, caribou, whitetail and have yet to destroy one. I Have damaged them though. Curled a tip on a rock after blowing through my caribou!!!

            Muzzy blade angles are too steep for a multi head coming out of a stickbow for something like a moose. I wouldnt even go as far as to recommend the wensels or snuffers out of a stickbow for moose. They'll be fine for all other game other then maybe grizzlies. Opting for penetration vs's a big hole. Rib bones and thick hides are the main concern for multi heads out of sticks. I do however have a couple of good buds who've killed canadian (ie much smaller) moose with the wensels with great success.

            I will say the one nice thing about moose is if you do your job they go down easier then most other big game animals. Put the arrow in the boiler room and moose tip over as if drunk at a girls gone wild back stage pass event . If ya hit shoulder, ya can write off a killing shot with almost EVERY bow on the market today.

            To up the weight of those carbons, try aireator hose tubing (fish tank air hose) inside the shafts. Find one that fits close and glue on the nock. I wouldnt worry about speed as much as arrow flight!!! Speed isn't an issue when you're shooting 30 yards or less, most are only shooting 20 yards or less. Small diameter shafts, a slightly heavier arrow, perfect arrow flight and a razor sharp 2 blade head is a potion ment for success on all big game, but more importantly REALLY big game!!!

            Just remember, think about what happens when things go wrong!!! A marginal setup will do fine when things go right. Plan for the worst and the bad times wont have the opportunity to show their ugly heads!


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              thanks tradbow

              my bow tends to like a soft spined arrows, i spend a lot of time tuning heavier arrows, perfect flight is one of my pet peeves.
              man i love the site of a arrow flying true and straight..

              i guess i had better open my mind up a little towards B.H'S..

              [QUOTE-muzzy blade angles are to steep for a multi head coming out of a stickbow..]
              excuse my ignorance, but I ain't sure i follow, but i am very curious now.

              [QUOTE-opting for penetration vs's a big hole.
              rib bones and thick hides are the main concern for multi heads out of sticks..]
              so do the two blade magnus and zwickey blow through a rib bone and still get enough penetration, as well as a chisel point??

              is a quartering away shot a good shot on an animal as big and thick as a moose??

              i have read many stories about how easy a moose will go down after a good hit, that really blows me away.
              i would definitely think just the opposite..

              well you guys have given me plenty of food for thought..
              i am not coming up to hunt until 2008 so that leaves me close to two years to get it together and be as prepared as humanly possible..

              although i will be there in june this year for my annual fishing trip, and i will be studying out them moose like never before..

              if any of you ever think about coming to the lower 48 for a elk or deer hunt hit me up i might be able to help you out..

              everybodys help is much appreciated


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                Hey Tyler.
                For two blades I also like the Magnus & Zwickey, & you can add the Ace, & Ribtec as two more that are tough enough.
                The Wensel Woodsman 3 blade is nice in that it is narrow, has a 3-1 length to width ratio for good penetration, & is plenty tough being a welded one piece design. They do recomend you remove the needle tip when sharpening to prevent it curling. I think they do it for you on the newest ones.
                Where do you fish when you are up?
                Vance in AK.

                Matthew 6:33
                "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."


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                  Quarting away is as good or better then any other shot you'll take. Make SURE that near side leg is forward or steer clear of it!!!

                  My biggest concern with any 3 blade out of stickbows of similar specs on something like moose is they have tendancy to spread instead of split bone. WW broads are good heads, made by magnus should say no more needed about them. Just this tendancy to spread instead of split. Will you kill a moose with those muzzy's or WW 3 blades? I really have no doubt if things go right. If they go bad you MIGHT get one lung, you might get NO lung and not make it through that rib!!! Just some things to ponder in the next 2 years.

                  I've got buddies who, before the law changed, have had complete pass throughs with some overly large expandables out of wheel bows. I also have buddies who have achieved very little including the two bowhunters I guided a couple years ago. One was a 7 yard shot and at best he managed no more then 8"es of penetration. The second fella didnt do much better. Both bulls were done in less then 50 yards however so does it really matter? Again questions you'll have to answer yourself. Dead is dead, in a perfect world!


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                    well I'm just gonna have to pick up a pack of all of the heads mentioned above.
                    there is a dairy just down the road from me, cows are dying all the time i will have him call me when hes got a freshy and go pound a few holes through it
                    before it starts stinking or freezes up solid.
                    should be a good education, its gotta be more informative than a block target in the back yard....

                    gonna be on the deshka for a week the first part of june,
                    rented a raft last year and got flown in to neil lake and floated for seven days... talk about losing all track of time ,, man that was relaxing..
                    two buddies and i pooled our money and bought a 16' zodiac with a forty horse jet last year, so we are going up stream about a half mile below the weir to camp and fish.
                    there is a awesome camping spot there with some nice holes, it seems like it used to be reserved for outfitters, and last year was the first year it was open to the general public..

                    then off to the russian for four days.
                    i am always up to mixing it up with the crowds for some of them tasty reds..
                    in fact i enjoy the heck out'a watching folks there it can be a real comedy show..

                    then off to homer for a couple of days so i can puke my gutts out for eight hours trying to hook a halibut.
                    i have always preferred seward but i was voted down, im sure gonna miss going out with cap't suzy this year.
                    my buddy caught a butt that weighed 310# with buttwhackers a few years ago in homer so he is foaming at the mouth to get back with them..

                    then on to anchorage to put a roof on for a friend there.
                    and should still have about three days to fish, and gather some info on the up coming moose hunt.

                    if the numbers are good on the clear creek we will probably end up there on that big bend upstream from the confluence for a day and a night..

                    man i can't wait COME ON JUNE HURRY AND GET HERE!!!!!


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                      PM or email me & I'll give you my phone # & maybe by you lunch while you are fishing the kenai. I live in Kenai. We can talk bows & hunting. Sometime in June or early I'll be taking our church youth group on a 5 day canoe trip, but I don't have dates set yet. Hopefully it will work so we can get together.
                      I used to live north of you a ways in Hamilton MT. Drove thru the Twin/Shoshone area many times. Neat country!
                      Boy do I miss bowhunting the rut for elk in Montana!!!!!!!!!
                      Vance in AK.

                      Matthew 6:33
                      "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."


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                        Wait a minute....

                        This is all real interesting....but I want to hear more from TradBow about being backstage at a Girls Gone Wild party!

                        LOL....had to go there, sorry...


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